6 Readiness Factors for a Mixed Diet

6 Readiness Factors for a Mixed Diet

Is your baby telling you to switch up the meal plan? Find out if they are ready for a food update. Some visual (but not so serious) help included ;)

6 Signs Your Baby is Ready for a Mixed Diet


Have you asked yourself when's the right time to introduce solid foods into your kid's diet? We have compiled the 6 most important signs your baby is ready for a food update. Remember, you know your child best and you should totally trust your intuition!

When implementing solid foods to your baby's diet pay attention they are getting enough to drink to stay hydrated, especially during warmer months. Water or unsweetened herbal tea should be your #1 choice.



Here are some of the most common signs your baby is ready for a meal plan update - enjoy!


1.  They pay close attention to mom's and dad's food



2. They grab for the food you are holding



3. They can sit up (with a little help)

Otherwise, there is a higher risk of choking on something.



4. They open their mouth when you spoon-feed them



5. They lose the sucking reflex

Which means their tongue won't press food out of their mouth anymore.




6. They imitate your chewing



Keep in mind that if your child seems satisfied with formula only, there is no need to push them into eating anything else, for now. Trust your baby's ability to communicate their needs and trust your ability to understand them. Introducing a mixed diet can sometimes be stressful and both of you might be facing some new difficulties. But this is all part of the journey, enjoy the ride!

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