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Where to Buy HiPP Formula?

HiPP formula comes in different versions, such as UK, Dutch, and German. For overseas customers HiPP is only available online.

How Long Does HiPP Formula Last Once Opened?

On their website HiPP states that „The contents of an opened milk formula pack should be used within 3 weeks.“ (

What Is Does the Pre in HiPP Pre Formula Mean?

The pre means it is suitable for babies from birth on. All of our pre-formulas do not contain any starch. The main energy source is mostly lactose, which makes it easier to digest for smaller children.

How Much Probiotic Is in HiPP Stage 1 Formula?

Probiotics are a sort of fiber (GOS) which is necessary for a healthy gut flora. It feeds the good bacteria in the body which keep us healthy. HiPP formula contains around 0.3g/100ml (0.11oz/3.5 fl oz).

How to Mix HiPP Formula?

Just like any other formula you boil the needed amount of water and let it cool, add the corresponding amount of powder using the measuring cup and mix it by shaking or stirring. You can find the English preparation instructions in our support center.

Which Hipp Formula Is Best?

Depending on your child’s needs you should consider which ingredients you most definitely do not want in your formula. Some families prefer a starch-free formula, therefore the pre formula or Dutch version should suit you best. If you are looking for a more creamier formula the German version could be the right one for you. For more sensitive tummies and babies prone to allergies HiPP offers a range of special milk and hypoallergenic formula.

Which Hipp Formula to Use for Constipation?

For babies struggling with digestive issues HiPP offers a range of special milk. HiPP Comfort was designed for babies suffering from colics, gassiness, constipation and other related issues. The HiPP hypoallergenic formula might also improve your child’s digestion, because of smaller protein strands that are easier on a baby’s organism.