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Premibio Organic Baby Formula

Premibio is dedicated to providing your little one with organic formulas crafted with love and expertise. With a deep commitment to pure infant nutrition and sustainability, Premibio offers a range of high-quality organic formulas based on goat and cow milk that babies and parents!


Premibio Brand History

The Premibio brand was created in 2006 due to the market gap created by the lack of palm oil-free infant formula. Premibio goes beyond simply eliminating palm oil from its production by remaining steadfast in its commitment to sustainable organic farming and sustainable practices.

At its core, Premibio is a French brand founded on the belief that every child deserves the best possible start in life, and that begins with organic milk formula modelled after mother's milk for babies that require supplemental feeding.

Premibio's carefully crafted formulas are tailored to different stages of development to provide your baby with complete and balanced nutrition at every stage!

Unique Qualities of Premibio

Excluding soy, gluten, and fish oil from the ingredients list, Premibio organic formulas contain fewer allergens compared to other brands.

Their infant milk is also enriched with essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids (DHA and ALA). The plant-based DHA used in this formula is an oil extracted from algae, which is a more sustainable and pleasant-tasting alternative to fish oil.

In their infant milk, you'll find vital nutrients like potassium iodide, zinc sulphate, sodium selenite, and magnesium oxide, which help to nourish your baby's growth and development!

AB France & EU Certified Organic

To honour the environment as well as the nutritional needs of all babies, the Premibio organic farming-sourced ingredients and its production processes are certified EU organic as well as AB France organic!


Premibio Formula: Stage 1, 2 and 3

Premibio offers a formula stage range that caters to babies during their ongoing development. From newborns' first organic infant milk to follow-on formula, Prembio is here to ensure that your little one receives the necessary nutrients for each crucial phase.

Premibio Organic Formula Stage 1 - Infant Formula

Premibio's Infant Formula Stage 1 is expertly crafted to mimic the natural composition of breast milk. Stage 1 formula nourishes newborns from birth to six months, providing them with essential nutrients for this critical early stage of life.

Premibio Organic Formula Stage 2 - Follow-On Formula

As babies grow and start to explore solid foods, Stage 2 formula offers little ones a perfect complement to their weaning diet from 6 months of age onward.

Premibio Organic Formula Stage 3 - Toddler Formula

Premibio toddler formula is for little ones 12 months and older. The formula powder is specially designed to support the energy levels and development of little ones as they continue to discover the world around them.


Different Kinds of Premibio Organic Baby Formulas

Premibio recognizes that each baby is unique and has different dietary needs, and has therefore crafted different milk formula options to cater to these needs, all using organic farming methods. Premibio offers both cow milk formula and goat milk formula to cater to different dietary preferences and sensitivities.

Premibio Organic Cow Milk Formula

Did you know that Premibio was actually the first infant nutritional brand to lead the way away from palm oil when they developed an infant formula recipe without palm oil back in 2006? Premibio's cow's milk formula is now a classic choice for many parents, and this unique formula paved the way for more options without palm oil by instead relying on a vegetable oil blend for essential fats.

Their cow milk formula is a well-balanced source of nutrition for little ones and is relatively easy to digest, supporting the optimal growth and development of your baby. The formula is also free from gluten and soy while being enriched with probiotics and essential fatty acids (DHA and ARA).

Premibio Organic Goat Milk Formula

For those seeking an alternative to cow's milk formula, Premibio's goat milk formula is an excellent option. Sourced from the finest organic goat's milk, specially designed by Prembio scientists, and recognized by experts, this formula is a gentle choice for babies with sensitive tummies.

The formula is based on whole goat's milk with added maltodextrin and is fortified with essential vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids (DHA and ALA). This gentle formula is also soy, palm, and fish oil-free.

Interestingly, goat milk formulas may offer organic anti-reflux-like properties due to the smaller molecules, which make them naturally easy to digest. However, goat milk formula is not a suitable alternative for babies with lactose intolerance or an allergy to cow milk.


Why We Love Premibio Formulas!

With a deep commitment to sustainability and responsible practices that go beyond the intentional selection of pure agricultural ingredients, the organic company invests ethically, making sure that it is leaving a positive impact on the environment and the community within which it operates.

The transparency of Premibio's operational processes ensures that parents can trust the quality and integrity of every product the company offers.

Made with the utmost care and attention to quality, all the features of Premibio make it a gentle and nutritious choice for your little one's nourishment.

These key features of Premibio are that it is:

  • Palm oil and fish oil free (they use plant-based DHA instead)

  • Soy and gluten-free

  • Contains probiotics

  • Contains maltodextrin

  • Certified EU Organic

  • Certified AB France Organic