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Holle Organic Spelt Baby Rusks, Babies Snack (200g) - from 6th Month

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  • Suitable From 6th month of age
  • Shelf Life of at Least 6 Months or More
  • Express Delivery Available (1-5 Business Days)

This item is temporarily out of stock and is only available for pre-order.

Temporarily out of stock. Pre-orders available.
This item will be available in approximately 3 weeks. You can pre-order now to be on our high priority list. You can cancel the order as long as it has not left our warehouse.

    • Why We Love Holle Organic Spelt Baby Rusks

      ✔ EU-Demeter Organic

      ✔ Complies with Baby's diet

      ✔ Perfect as a snack

      ✔ No added sugars

      ✔ No chemicals or preservatives

      ✔ Egg and Lactose Free

Organic Kids' Snacks means Healthy Snack Times

Holle Organic Spelt Baby Rusks are the perfect snack for infants. Healthy and certified as organic by Demeter, these rusks are as healthy as a nibble can get. Mild tasting and easy digested, they are cereal tasting rusks. They are perfect for the baby, either as a snack for biting and munching, helping to train jaw and chewing muscles.

They are perfect for on-the-go situations, little snacks between meals, a little park nibble or even a family picnic. These rusks work as a healthy option for in-between meal nourishment, as they are designed to comply with a child’s diet from the 6th month of life.

It is a wonderful option to ensure that your child gets the best nourishment from those little snacks that are usually unhealthy. Especially given the fact that they have no added sugars, they only contain naturally occurring sugars. As well, they are lactose and egg free.


Spelt flour** (83%), whole-grain spelt groats** (11 %), sunflower oil*, yeast*, vitamin B1 (added according to the law)


*From organic farming

**From biodynamic farming (Demeter)

Please do not allow your baby to bite on cookie unsupervised. Do not give when your baby is lying down - risk of choking. Contains carbohydrates. Constant contact with carbohydrate food can cause tooth decay, therefore maintain the baby's regular dental hygiene.