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  • Ferrero Rocher Candy (200g)

    “This chocolate was delicious and mildly sweet. It was definitely not too sugary like others I have tried. It’s the perfect treat for me and my family!”

    Barakat A. - Ferrero Rocher customer

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    Ferrero Rocher

    Delight in Ferrero Rocher Candy

    Ferrero Rocher chocolate offers a unique, multilayered flavour experience. The outside is delicately coated with chocolate and hazelnut pieces roasted to perfection and laid on top of a crisp wafer shell. The smooth, creamy hazelnut filling is where this treat really shines, offering richness in every bite.

    These chocolates are individually packaged in a shimmering golden wrapper, made to preserve freshness and accommodate life on the go. Plus, you can indulge in the deliciousness of Ferrero Rocher chocolate while still being mindful of your health and the planet.

    Ferrero adheres to meticulous quality control and has a close relationship with its suppliers, who grow, harvest, and process their top-quality ingredients. Notably, the palm oil in the chocolate is sustainably sourced from controlled plantations in Malaysia.

    Our review of feedback from Ferrero Rocher customers concluded that this is a top pick amongst chocolate lovers. Many described this treat as a guilty pleasure, with an exciting variety of flavours and textures in every bite!

    Perfect for You If:

    • You are a lover of gourmet chocolate
    • You enjoy the rich, nutty taste of hazelnut
    • You like chocolates that aren’t too sweet
    • You are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one

    Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

    Ferrero Rocher chocolates are the perfect treat for when you’re craving something rich and luxurious but not overly sweet. While we totally understand if you want them all to yourself, they are also great for sharing or gifting.

    Uncover our curated selection of gourmet chocolates from Europe for other delightful desserts. If you require assistance while shopping, please reach out to our customer care team.

    With Organic’s Best, you can count on authentic products sourced directly from the Ferrero Group. When you purchase our Ferrero Rocher, here’s what you can expect:

    • Each box of Ferrero Rocher contains 16 chocolate pieces for a total of 200g per box.
    • Each order includes 3 boxes of Ferrero Rocher.
    • Ferrero Rocher expiration dates follow the European format of DD/MM/YYYY.



    Crunchy nut praline specialty with delicate milk chocolate, fine hazelnut cream (40.5%) and whole hazelnut.

    MILK CHOCOLATE 30% (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass , skimmed MILK POWDER, BUTTERFAT, emulsifier lecithins ( SOYA ), vanillin), HAZELNUTS (28.5%), sugar, palm oil, WHEAT FLOUR , SWEET WHEY POWDER , low-fat cocoa, emulsifier lecithins ( SOYA ), raising agent sodium hydrogen carbonate , salt, vanillin.

    Nutrition facts

    Nutritional facts per 100 g:
    Energy:2506 kJ/ 603 kcal
    Fat:42.7 g
    of which saturated fatty acids:14.1 g
    Carbohydrates:44.4 g
    of which sugar:39.9 g
    Protein:8.2 g
    Salt:0.153 g

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