Hypoallergenic Formula

HA stands for „hypoallergenic“ milk formula and is suitable especially for children who are at risk of allergies and cannot be breastfed. In HA’s organic formula the proteins are broken down into smaller pieces, therefore, the baby’s organism perceives them as less foreign and causes fewer allergy symptoms. HA products are available in three different formula stages (Pre, 1, 2) and thus offer an alternative for children at risk of allergies at any age. As HA Organic formula is also made from cow's milk, children with cow's milk allergy or lactose intolerance should not drink it. Please talk to your pediatrician before switching to hypoallergenic formula.

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What Is Hypoallergenic Formula?

HiPP HA is a formula designed for babies struggling with a sensitive digestive system. The protein strands are prematurely broken down into smaller strands and the baby’s organism perceives it less foreign, which can cause fewer allergy symptoms, due to the body not responding with antibodies.

When Can You Start Introducing Regular Formula After Hypoallergenic Formula?

Many parents worry that switching formula could harm their baby. It is possible for the baby’s organism to adjust to a different kind of formula, nonetheless, it is safe to mix and match formulas if you stick to the advised preparations. Therefore, as soon as you think your baby is ready for regular formula you can (slowly) introduce it.

How Long Does It Take for Hypoallergenic Formula to Work?

How well a baby adjusts to hypoallergenic formula is as unique as every child. Most people see an improvement in their baby’s well being after 2-4 weeks of being on hypoallergenic formula.

How Long Does My Infant Need Hypoallergenic Formula?

You can feed hypoallergenic formula for as long as your baby requires. HiPP HA Formula also comes in different stages to provide children of different ages with their nutritional needs. You can also feed hypoallergenic formula when weaning and you start to introduce solid foods.

How Many Oz (Is) in 1 Box of HiPP HA?

HiPP HA comes in 600g (21.2 oz) boxes, which make approx. 130 fl oz of prepared formula. Please check the box for age-appropriate preparation recommendations. You’ll find the English version on our product site.