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  • By choosing HiPP UK, you're choosing to provide your baby with the best of European organic formula while avoiding harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients.

    HiPP UK Formula: The Organic Ingredients Advantage

    HiPP formulas guarantee quality nutrition for babies from their first days of life by using gentle organic ingredients to nourish your little one. Their innovative infant milk formula mimics the natural composition of breast milk by using organic skimmed milk enriched with prebiotics to support healthy gut flora. Let's delve deeper into the gentle cow's milk base that is the essence of HiPP UK formula. 

    Organic Skimmed Milk from Pesticide-Free Farms

    HiPP UK is a certified organic skimmed cow's milk formula crafted with simple natural ingredients. All three stages of HiPP UK are organic lactose-only formulations, meaning that there are no additional carbohydrate sources. This makes this formula range an excellent choice for parents who love HiPP formula but who prefer to avoid ingredients like starch and maltodextrin.

    If you weren't aware, lactose is sugar naturally present in milk and also the main carbohydrate in breast milk making it an optimal source of energy for infants! And, as an added bonus, the cows that supply the milk and lactose for HiPP UK are raised on pastures that prohibit the use of pesticides!

    Organic Vegetable Oils

    Skimmed milk has reduced levels of natural milk fats, which means that HiPP must rely on organic vegetable oils to achieve the necessary fatty acid content that babies need to thrive. The blend of oils used in the formula powder includes the following ingredients: organic rapeseed oil, organic sunflower oil, and organic palm oil.

    Choose From Our Collection of HiPP UK Formulas!

    HiPP caters to babies at various points of development. That means they adjust the composition of their formula to best support your baby throughout their developmental changes. Depending on your baby's age, you can choose from these three stages below:

    HiPP UK Stage 1 - Infant Formula

    This HiPP infant formula is intended for newborns between 0 and 6 months. As a complete source of nutrition, HiPP UK Stage 1 can be used to complement or substitute breastfeeding. HiPP UK Stage 1 contains gentle whey protein and prebiotics that make it easier for your little one's tummy to digest. 

    HiPP UK Stage 2 - Follow-On Formula

    This stage of organic formula meets the nutritional needs of babies from 6 to 12 months. One serving contains more calories compared to HiPP UK stage 1, as it is designed for growing babies who are slowly being introduced to solids as a part of a weaning diet. It also has higher levels of iron, vitamin C, and vitamin D to support the changing nutritional needs of babies from 6 months onwards. These nutrients help to support your baby's immune system function.

    HiPP UK Stage 3 Toddler Formula

    HiPP UK Stage 3 is suitable for babies aged 12 months and above and is intended to complement your toddler's family diet by offering additional vitamins and minerals. This formula powder removes organic whey from the ingredients to ensure an age-appropriate level of protein for toddlers. 

    What is the Difference Between the UK, Dutch, and German Versions of HiPP Formula?

    All three versions of HiPP formulas boast numerous advantages: they are certified organic by the European Union, they are made with the finest organic raw materials, and their recipes reflect the latest in infant nutrition science. That being said, there are slight differences between each range that may lead you to prefer one HiPP formula over another. Here are the unique features of each range:

    HiPP UK Baby Formula

    • Contains prebiotics
    • All formulas are starch-free
    • Available in Stages 1 to 3
    • Manufactured in Germany and packaged in the UK
    • Stages 1 and 2 come in 800g boxes, Stage 3 is available in a 600g box

    HiPP Dutch Baby Formula

    • Contains probiotics and prebiotics
    • All formulas are starch-free
    • Available in Stages 1 to 4
    • Manufactured in Germany and packaged in the Netherlands
    • Available in 800g cans 

    HiPP German Baby Formula

    • Contains probiotics and prebiotics
    • Stages 1 and up contain starch (with the exception of HiPP Stage 2 No Stach and HiPP HA formulas)
    • There are options for special formulas (hypoallergenic, anti-reflux, and comfort)
    • There are two ready-to-feed prepared formula options
    • Available in Stages PRE to 2+
    • Manufactured and packaged in Germany
    • Available in 600g boxes

    In all HiPP baby formula, you will find these same ingredients:

    • Organic lactose*
    • Vitamins (folic acid, vitamin K, pantothenic acid, sodium citrate, etc.)
    • Minerals (calcium carbonate, iron, etc.)
    • Organic milk*
    • DHA from fish oil and ARA from

      *These ingredients are present in all HiPP formulas, but in their special formulas, the ingredients are not organic.

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