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  • HiPP Formula Stage 3: Designed for Your Toddler's Nutritional Needs

    HiPP Organic formula Stage 3 is equipped with all the necessary nutrients to complement your little one's diet in toddlerhood.

    That's where HiPP formula Stage 3 comes in, as this organic formula is made to support your baby's development and healthy growth as they inch toward toddlerhood. Depending on the formula line you are interested in, HiPP Stage 3 formula can be suitable for either 10 months or 12 months of age.

    This means that the composition of HiPP formula Stage 3 is quite different from HiPP Stage 1 and 2, with an advanced protein ratio and a higher volume of certain macro and micronutrients like vitamin D and iron. To accommodate a toddler's nutritional needs, HiPP adjusts its Stage 3 formula in the following ways:

    1. HiPP organic protein composition – Casein and whey ratio

    HiPP Combiotic Stage 3 has a protein composition that is closer to cow's milk, with a ratio of 80% casein and 20% whey. It is formulated this way to support increased energy needs as your child becomes more independent and active. This also reflects the protein ratio of plain cow's milk more closely.

    2. Iron, Calcium and Other Micronutrients in Stage 3 Formula

    HiPP's Stage 3 formula is specially fortified with additional essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids such as DHA (omega-3), calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin D, E, and C, which are not always present or abundant in standard whole milk. These essential vitamins and nutrients are a vital part of your baby's development and healthy growth.

    The Importance of Iron and Calcium for Bone Growth & Brain Health

    In particular, HiPP's Stage 3 organic formula has increased amounts of iron and calcium. Iron is an important mineral which supports healthy brain development in children. As infants and toddlers can easily become iron deficient, using a formula enriched with this mineral is incredibly beneficial.

    Getting enough calcium every day is also important for toddlers, as it supports bone growth and can help avoid having weak bones and fractures in the future. 

    3. Stage 3 Formula Prebiotic Fibers

    HiPP Combiotic Stage 3 baby formula contains prebiotic fibres in the form of Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) to promote healthy digestion and keep your little one's gut happy! Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) are sourced from lactose and are a component of breast milk oligosaccharides, which means that even though this formula may have a similar protein composition to cow's milk, your child is still getting nutritional support from beneficial nutrients found in breast milk.

    HiPP's Wide Organic Formula Range: Ideal for Every Growing Baby's Nutritional Needs

    The HiPP brand is here to nourish your baby from birth and beyond and is well known for its diverse selection of stages, country versions, and milk bases for its organic formula. Let's take a peek at the key features of HiPP Combiotic formula to reveal the similarities and differences in composition between their various Stage 3 formula offerings!

    Difference between HiPP stage 3 formulas - Dutch, German & UK

    HiPP has crafted three unique formula lines: HiPP German, HiPP Dutch, and HiPP UK, which are designed to satisfy country-specific preferences and legal regulations across Europe. The age that HiPP Combiotic formula Stage 3 can safely be introduced to your little one will vary between countries, which we will now discuss!

    HiPP Stages by Country Version

    Depending on which country version of HiPP organic formula you choose, the stages will be different:

    • HiPP German formula Stage 3 is suitable for 10 + months and is considered a follow-on formula.

    • HiPP Dutch and UK Stage 3 are suitable for children from 12+ months and are both considered toddler milk.

    Differences in HiPP Combiotic Formula Composition

    While each HiPP formula is made with the same great quality, there are a few additional differences to consider when choosing between the three organic formula versions.

    • HiPP UK Stage 3 is made in Germany and packaged in the UK. This formula is free from whey, starch, and maltodextrin and does not contain probiotics.

    • HiPP Dutch Stage 3 is made in Germany, but it is packed in the Netherlands. This formula is free from whey, starch, and maltodextrin and contains lactobacillus fermentum hereditum®, which are natural probiotic lactic acid cultures originally extracted from real breast milk.

    • HiPP German Stage 3 is both made and packaged in Germany. It contains a mild organic starch and is enriched with lactobacillus fermentum hereditum®, which are natural probiotic lactic acid cultures originally extracted from real breast milk.

    Special Formulas From HiPP

    If your baby needs a little extra nutritional support or if they have an extra sensitive stomach, HiPP has you covered. They have a range of special formulas, made to address some of the most common tummy troubles. Specialty formulas are only to be used after consultation with a doctor.

    HiPP Comfort

    HiPP Comfort formula comes in one stage and is suitable for babies from birth to 12 months. It is used to address common digestive issues such as colic, flatulence, and constipation. This formula is made with a base of skim milk that has been broken down - through a process called hydrolyzation - into its simplest molecular form, making it more digestible and lower in allergens.

    HiPP Anti-Reflux

    HiPP Anti Reflux comes in one stage and is suitable for babies from birth to 12 months. Most babies outgrow excessive reflux once their digestive systems have matured. Although, if your little one does need extra support, this formula contains a natural thickening agent derived from carob fruit that is designed to reduce regurgitation and vomiting.

    HiPP HA

    With a base of extensively hydrolyzed cow milk proteins that are low in allergens, alongside a combination of prebiotics and probiotics, this formula is gentle and effective at reducing allergic reactions in babies with milk protein sensitivities.

    HiPP Combiotic Hypoallergenic Formula comes in three stages to support a baby's growing body: Stage PRE, Stage 1 and Stage 2. Before using this formula, it is important to consult with a doctor to determine whether it is right for your baby, especially in the case of a suspected or diagnosed cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA).

    HiPP Combiotic Formula: German VS UK VS Dutch

    Why To Choose HiPP Formulas?

    HiPP understands that a child's needs are constantly changing, which is why they make products to evolve alongside your little one, instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Each child is unique, and that doesn't stop at nutrition. This individualized approach to infant nutrition allows more families to enjoy the numerous benefits of HiPP formula.

    From their innovative formulation to their stringent production process, you can rest assured that your child is getting top-notch nutrition backed by strict EU guidelines, which ensures that each HiPP product meets top quality standards and is free from GMOs, chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics!

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