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    During the transition to solid foods, babies are introduced to all sorts of new flavors, and training their taste buds can certainly be tricky. To overcome this hurdle, pouches can be a good option!

    They're versatile, easy to store, solutions that come in healthy options for those days when time is not your friend. Pouches offer incredible variety, convenience, quality, and flavour, like homemade baby food pouches but easier!

    Holle is all about clean certified organic ingredients, that's why their pouches are all EU organic and most are also Demeter quality! They're made with 100% fruits, veggies, cereal, and yogurt.

    A Holle organic pouch is an ideal snack for on the go! They are free of unwanted ingredients like added sugar, artificial flavours, and chemical fertilizers making them superior quality treats compared to some other baby pouch brands on the market.

    Holle's pouches are suitable starting from 6 months onwards for well-established baby weaning and beyond toddler age. Keep reading to learn more about this delicious tasting convenient snack!


    Holle Organic Baby Food Brand History

    Holle is an established and respected baby food manufacturer with over 85 years of experience behind them; this makes them one of the oldest baby formula manufacturers in Europe. Their company was founded in 1933 in Arlesheim Switzerland.

    Holle was one of the first companies to manufacture organic baby food and they are a pioneer in the field of biodynamic food; they were also one of the first companies to obtain the Demeter organic seal on their products!

    Today, Holle is one of the leading Demeter certified organic baby formula manufacturers. When producing baby food and formulas, Holle takes a holistic and ecological approach to production that works in harmony with both people, animals, and plants. 

    They guarantee the highest possible safety measures to achieve high-quality taste and nutrition in Holle products which helps set them apart from other baby food on the market.


    Holle Organic Standards

    Carefully selected organic ingredients are a must-have and fortunately, you can count on the premium ingredients in Holle's pouches to meet your baby's nutritional needs! While all of Holle's pouches are certified organic by the European Union, many are also certified by the Demeter company. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Holle's organic quality!

    European Organic Certification

    All of Holle's baby food holds the EU organic certification. What makes EU organic baby food so special is that it's free of GMOs, artificial colors and preservatives, and aromas or flavor enhancers.

    Rest assured that products with the EU organic logo are made with at least 95% organic ingredients and strict conditions are laid out for the remaining 5% of non-organic ingredients.

    In terms of organic baby food, the non-organic ingredients are typically fortified vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that are necessary to include to support your child's health.

    What you won't find in Holle's Pouches:

    - GMOs

    - Chemical pesticides

    - Artificial preservatives, colors, & flavors

    - Added sugar

    Demeter Certification

    You've probably noticed the bright orange Demeter label that some Holle food carries, but have you ever wondered what exactly Demeter stands for?

    The Demeter organic certification system goes above and beyond the standard organic certification laid out by the EU. It is used to verify that at least 98% of the ingredients are grown in lush biodynamic fields and pastures.

    When products are grown using biodynamic farming methods this helps to ensure that more is given back to the environment than taken out making the Demeter quality so valuable.


    When you purchase any of Holle's pouches you can feel good that:

    - While growing raw ingredients, pesticides and chemicals are prohibited

    - The food contains organic and/or biodynamically grown ingredients

    - Holle sustains a long-lasting supply of premium raw ingredients by working closely with Demeter farmers

    - Raw ingredients are gently processed and cooked while undergoing continual quality control checks

    - Baby food is produced according to strict safety, legal, and nutritional requirements

    Holle's pouches are made from ingredients grown in an organic or biodynamic manner, which means:

    - Natural cultivation without violence and exploitation of animals & the environment

    - Preference is always given to quality over quantity and biodiversity over monocultures

    - Organic compost is used as a natural fertilizer


    Different Kinds of Holle Organic Baby Food Pouches

    Babies and toddlers need variety for a wholesome diet, and Holle has stepped up to satisfy this need. They make it easy to offer your little one a diverse variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains. Whether you're looking for puréed fruit pouches, puréed fruit pouches with wholegrain cereals, puréed fruit pouches with vegetables, puréed fruit pouches with yogurt, or a vegetable purée, Holle has you covered!

    No matter which pouch you opt for, you can feel good knowing that it is made with finely puréed real fruit and vegetable sources, unsweetened (all sugar is naturally occurring), and made without any added salt or artificial flavourings. Holle's spill-proof pouch formats make for a mess-free easy treat in a variety of tasty options!


    Holle Fruit Purées - Made with 100% Demeter Quality fruits

    • Dino Date - Apple with Blueberries & Dates (100g) from 6 months

    • Berry Puppy - Apple & Peach with Fruits of the Forest (100g) from 8 months

    • Croco Coco - Apple & Mango with Coconut (100g) from 8 months

    • Tropic Tiger - Apple with Mango & Passion Fruit (100g) from 8 months

    • Red Bee - Apple with Strawberry (100g) from 8 months

    • Banana Lama - Banana, Apple, Mango & Apricot (100g) from 6 months

    • Kiwi Koala - Pear & Banana with Kiwi (100g) from 8 months

    • Apple Ant - Apple with Banana & Pear (100g) from 6 months

    Holle Fruit Purées with Wholegrain cereals - Made with 100% Demeter Quality fruit and cereals

    • Blue Bird - Pear, Apple & Blueberries with Oats (100g) from 6 months

    • Pear Pony - Pear, Peach & Raspberries with Spelt (100g) from 6 months

    • Panda Peach - Peach, Apricot, Bana with Spelt (100g) from 8 months

    Holle Fruit Purées with Yogurt - Made with EU organic fruits and yogurt

    • Fruity Fox - Apple, Banana & Berries with Yogurt (85g) from 8 months

    • Tasty Turtle - Apple & Pear with Yogurt (85g) from 8 months

    • Mango Monkey - Mango with Yogurt (85g) from 8 months

    • Blueberry Bear - Blueberry, Apple & Banana with Yogurt (85g) from 8 months

    Holle Fruit Purées with Vegetables - Made with 100% Demeter Quality fruit and cereals

    • Power Parrot - Pear & Apple with Spinach (100g) from 6 months

    • Zebra Beet - Apple & Banana with Beetroot (100g) from 6 months

    • Carrot Cat - Carrot, Mango, Banana & Pear (100g) from 6 months

    • Fennel Frog - Pear with Apple & Fennel (100g) from 6 months

    Holle Vegetable Purées - Made with 100% Demeter Quality vegetables

    • Veggie Bunny - Carrot & Sweet Potato with Peas (100g) from 6 months

    Why We Love Holle Pouches!

    Holle's pouches are a simple, delicious, and convenient option for feeding babies and toddlers 6 months and up. These pouches are unsweetened and free of unwanted additives, just tasty finely puréed real fruit, grains, and veggies as nature intended!

    When serving these snacks to your little one don't forget to feed them with a spoon, this is the healthiest option as sucking on the pouch continually can lead to tooth decay. Further, be sure to keep the cap out of reach of children.

    Remember to consult your pediatrician before making changes to your child’s diet and when starting to wean your child. 

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