About Us

Our story

We are a company from Berlin, Germany that focuses on organic baby food.

Starting with an inventory of various German-based baby formulas, we quickly noticed the high demand for certain organic brands. But why?

Over time and after long nights of research we realized one simple fact: Non-European baby formulas, coming from countries such as China or even the United States and Canada, cannot guarantee the quality and high standards that these organic formulas can. This is due to the fact, that Germany in particular is the country with the strictest regulations by far, when it comes to the production of baby food and the choice of its ingredients.

Being health-conscious people ourselves, we believe that everyone should benefit from this type of standard – especially when it comes to children. That is why we still dedicate all our energy into selling the world’s best baby formula every day. We pay particular attention that our products are exclusively made in Germany only.

By selling the best organic baby food possible, we want to do good for families and babies throughout the world. We want happy families. everywhere.