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  • Holle Organic Baby Formula proudly offers two different ranges of cow's milk-based formulas with options for ingredients sourced from EU organic or Demeter biodynamic farms.

    With Holle's legacy in the world of baby nutrition, you can rest assured that your baby is being nourished by a premium organic baby formula that takes into account their health and well-being, as well as that of the environment and animals.

    How Does Holle Formula Compare to Breast Milk?

    The makers of Holle baby formula have masterfully produced a gentle, minimally processed, simple cow's milk-based formula that ensures your baby is getting natural, wholesome nutrition in every sip.

    Holle cow's milk infant formula is creamy, nutrient-rich, and filling and will keep your baby satisfied while nurturing their growing body and developing brain.

    Pure and free from artificial preservatives, Holle organic baby formula is crafted using all-natural and organic ingredients!

    Holle Cow's Milk Formula Options: Regular vs A2 Milk

    Milk is made up of different kinds of proteins, the most prominent ones being A1 and A2 beta-casein. Holle makes two different formula lines based on cow's milk: a standard organic cow's milk formula with A1 proteins and an A2 cow's milk formula.

    Unlike A1 milk, which can cause discomfort for some babies with more sensitive digestive systems, A2 milk is gentler. The milk in Holle's A2 formula comes from specially selected cows that naturally produce A2 milk, which makes it more similar to the composition of human milk or goat milk formula and is a perfect choice for sensitive tummies.

    Both the regular and the A2 milk used in Holle baby formulas are certified EU organic, although their regular cow's milk range (with the exception of Stage 4) also holds the Demeter biodynamic certification.

    Seal of Trust and Quality: Holle’s Organic Certifications

    All Holle organic formulas hold the EU organic certification authenticating that they are free of GMOs, artificial colors and preservatives, and aromas or flavor enhancers.

    Products with the EU organic logo are made with at least 95% organic ingredients, and the remaining 5% of non-organic ingredients in baby formulas are typically vitamins and minerals that can't be sourced organically.

    As mentioned above, many of Holle's formulas are also Demeter-certified biodynamic. Biodynamic farming principles go above and beyond organic farming practices, offering a more holistic approach to agriculture and animal husbandry.

    Demeter farms offer pure nutrition without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides, hormones, or antibiotics. Moreover, Demeter products go the extra mile by upholding ecological sustainability. In lieu of this, Holle organic baby formula is produced climate-positive!

    Why Are Parents Choosing Holle Cow Milk Organic Baby Formula?

    In addition to being an industry leader in organic milk formula and organic baby food, Holle is loved by babies and parents alike for the quality, taste, and nutritional value of every bottle.

    Holle baby formula powder is guaranteed to be free from GMOs, added sugars, corn syrup, and soy, which many health-conscious parents appreciate.

    Instead, Holle organic formula is fortified with all the vitamins and minerals that your baby needs to grow into a happy and healthy toddler. This means that the formula is a great source of many essential nutrients, such as the ones listed below:

    Organic Skimmed Milk

    Holle formula is based on organic skimmed cow milk. To ensure that your baby is receiving the essential fats, Holle organic baby formula achieves the full-fat content by adding organic vegetable oils to the skimmed milk. This guarantees that the organic milk is creamy and rich in taste while reflecting the fatty acid profile of breast milk.

    Lactose from Organic Milk

    Organic lactose, which naturally occurs in cow's milk, is the primary carbohydrate found in both Holle organic baby formula and human milk. Lactose nourishes your baby by supplying them with energy and aids in the absorption of minerals.

    Plant-Based DHA and ALA

    Baby formulas typically use fish oil as a source of omega-3, also known as DHA. Holle formulas, on the other hand, use algae oil in place, which offers improved taste with no fishy flavour and is a more environmentally friendly option. Holle also includes ALA to provide your baby with omega-6. In conjunction, these essential fatty acids support your baby's cognitive development and visual acuity.

    Vitamins A, C, E, D, K and B-complex

    Holle formulas are packed with essential vitamins that perform various functions, all helping your baby to grow and thrive. The combination of Vitamin C and D, for example, contributes to the health of babies' bones and immune systems.

    Iron and Other Minerals

    Holle organic baby formulas are a great source of minerals, such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and other essential nutrients, all of which work together to support your baby's nervous system, muscle development, and blood health.

    Offer Your Baby Tailored Nutrition For Every Stage With Holle Formula!

    All of the Holle organic baby formula ranges come in distinct stages that are tailored to the different developmental needs of babies from infancy to toddlerhood.

    Here is some information about what each Holle organic stage means and when it's appropriate to use.

    Holle Organic Cow Milk Formula Chart

    Holle Stage PRE Baby Formula

    Holle Stage PRE is suitable for babies from birth up to 6 months of age. This formula is lactose-only, meaning that it contains no complementary carbohydrates like starch or maltodextrin, which ensures that it is extra gentle on little tummies. It is a complete source of nutrition for newborns and can be used as an alternative or supplement to breast milk.

    Holle Stage 1 Baby Formula

    Stage 1 of the Holle organic formula is also suitable for babies from birth up to 6 months of age. Like Stage PRE, Holle Stage 1 is a lactose-only formulation without starch or maltodextrin and is suitable as an alternative or supplement to breast milk.

    Holle Stage 2 Baby Formula

    Stage 2 of Holle organic cow's milk baby formula is suitable for babies between 6 and 10 months of age once they have begun a mixed weaning diet. It contains slightly higher levels of iron compared to stages PRE and 1. Moreover, it contains added starch and maltodextrin to make the texture more creamy and satiating for older babies.

    Holle Stage 3 Baby Formula

    Stage 3 of Holle cow's milk baby formula is suitable for babies between 10 months and 12 months of age. It, too, contains starch and maltodextrin and is designed to help your child transition to family meals.

    Holle Stage 4 Baby Formula

    Stage 4 of Holle formula is suitable for toddlers from 12 months of age and onwards. Stage 4 formula can be particularly useful for picky eaters as it's packed with vitamins and minerals that may be lacking from their family diet. However, at this age, formula does not replace food. Rather, your toddler should be eating a solid food diet similar to your family's and only supplementing with formula if necessary.

    Additionally, due to special Demeter regulations, formulas for ages 12+ months do not qualify for the Demeter certification, but rest assured they are still certified EU organic.

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