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  • Gone are the days of precisely measuring out messy formula powder, boiling water, and mixing everything in flawless proportions. With HiPP ready-to-feed, your little one can have perfectly prepared formula in just the twist of a cap! Ready-to-feed formulas are ideal for topping up bottles, if you're travelling and on the go, or when you've asked another person to help out with feedings.

    What are the ingredients in HiPP ready-to-feed formula?

    HiPP offers two different versions of ready-to-feed formula for your convenience. Both are cow's milk-based formulas that are a part of HiPP's German formula range. HiPP's organic Combiotic milk is intended for babies without specific dietary requirements.

    HiPP Formula Ready-To-Feed Key Features | Organic's Best

    They also offer a hypoallergenic (HA) option for infants that need a special low-allergen formula; although this formula is not organic due to the use of hydrolyzed milk proteins, it is non-GMO and produced in the same high HiPP quality!

    In terms of ingredients, both formulas are made with cow's milk, lactose, prebiotics, DHA and ARA essential fatty acids and a variety of vitamins and minerals to support your baby's growth and development.

    No matter which version you opt for, HiPP formula offers the following benefits:

    1. Gentle cow's milk: HiPP Combiotic is made from skimmed cow's milk from organic farming, where the use of pesticides is prohibited. HiPP HA, on the other hand, is made from hydrolyzed cow's milk, which has been broken down into smaller pieces to increase ease of digestion and reduce the chance of allergic reactions in babies.

    2. Lactose-only formulations: Because both formulas are offered in stage PRE, the only carbohydrate present in the formula is lactose. Lactose is a sugar that naturally occurs in milk, and it is also the main carbohydrate in human milk! Lactose is gentle on your baby's tummy, supplies energy, and contains valuable prebiotic fibers. Both formulas have no added starch or maltodextrin, ensuring the recipe is simple and gentle.

    3. No added sugars, sweeteners, or artificial ingredients: HiPP aims to keep their formulas as close to nature as possible. That's why lactose is the only sugar present in their formula. Moreover, whether certified organic or not, HiPP always leaves out artificial ingredients from their recipes. You can depend on HiPP to offer your baby a pure formula made with clean ingredients.

    4. Probiotics and prebiotics: A central component of HiPP German formulas is the combined power of prebiotics and probiotics. Unlike the powdered version of HiPP Combiotik, which has both pre and probiotics, the ready-to-feed formulas only have prebiotics. Probiotics cannot be included due to the high heat treatment of the liquid milk. HiPP Ready-to-Feed includes prebiotic galactico oligosaccharides from lactose, which supply energy to the beneficial bacteria living in your baby's gut to support immunity and healthy digestion. 

    5. A healthy fatty acid spectrum that mimics breast milk: Did you know that babies who are breastfed receive roughly 50% of their calories from fat in human milk? HiPP formula contains a blend of seed and vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil, to provide your baby with a similar spectrum of fatty acids.

    6. DHA and ARA: These omega-fatty acids are crucial to brain and eye health in infants. HiPP sustainably sources their DHA from fish oil and uses M. Aplina oil as a source of ARA. 

    Choose From our Collection of HiPP Ready-to-Feed Formulas

    HiPP Ready-To-Feed Ingredient Comparison | Organic's Best

    To ensure that babies with different feeding needs have a suitable and convenient option for them, HiPP has two ready-to-drink options to choose from. A key similarity between these formulas is their stage. Both formulas are available in stage PRE, which is intended for babies between 0 and 6 months of age as a complete source of nutrition.

    It may be used either as a supplement or a replacement for breastfeeding. Stage PRE infant formula is specially adapted to be fed as needed. That means, like breast milk, your baby may drink these formulas as often or as much as they wish. Now let's get into the unique features of each:

    HiPP Stage PRE Combiotic Ready-To-Feed Formula

    This baby formula is a certified organic milk baby formula. HiPP Combiotic holds both the EU organic and HiPP organic seal, meaning it's produced according to stringent organic production standards that exceed even conventional European organic standards.

    It is made with a base of whey, skimmed cow's milk, cream, and lactose. Just like other HiPP products, this baby formula is rich in healthy fats, including organic rapeseed oil and sunflower oil and contains essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, vitamin D, potassium, vitamin C, calcium, omega 3-6, and more. Unlike the powder version of the formula, this liquid formula is palm oil-free. 

    HiPP HA Stage PRE Ready-To-Feed Formula

    This formula is a great alternative for babies who are sensitive to conventional cow milk formulas. It is based on hydrolyzed whey proteins that are broken down to be more digestible and less allergic than the intact proteins found in most formulas. However, this formula may not be suitable for babies with CMPA, so speak with your pediatrician before trying this formula.

    This Stage PRE ready-to-feed formula is rich in healthy fats derived from palm, sunflower, and rapeseed oils. HiPP HA is also fortified with essential nutrients, including Metafolin®, a more bioavailable form of folic acid, vitamin D, iron, and even more important vitamins and minerals.

    What is the difference in composition between powder and ready-to-feed formulas?

    The main benefit of a ready-to-feed option is that it requires less preparation time and effort. Moreover, the powder version has both prebiotics and probiotics, whereas the liquid versions only have prebiotics. Finally, only the ready-to-drink version of HiPP Combiotic Stage PRE is palm oil-free (this is not the case for HiPP HA Stage PRE ready-to-feed). Otherwise, HiPP Сombiotic powder has the same ingredients as HiPP Combiotic ready-to-feed formula. 

    What is the Shelf Life of HiPP Ready to Feed?

    Once the bottle has been opened, your baby should drink the formula within 2 hours. If the bottle has been opened but your little one has not begun drinking from it, the formula can be stored in the fridge for up to 24 hours but should be discarded thereafter.

    If the bottle has not been opened, then it is best to consume it before the expiration date printed on the bottle. Please keep in mind that while we guarantee an expiration date of 6 months or more into the future for our powder formulas, ready-to-feed options do have a shorter shelf life.

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