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  • HiPP Stage PRE Ready to Feed Formula (200ml) - 36 Bottles

    "Most of the time, I used the powder mix of this formula, but while out and about, these premade bottles make life so much easier!"

    Elizabeth C. - HiPP Combiotic Ready-to-Feed customer

    Please note that the expiration date for premixed formulas is shorter than for powdered formulas.

    For this product, we guarantee an expiration date of about three months into the future. Contact our customer service for an exact expiration date.

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    Authentic Products

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    Long Expiration Dates

    Long Expiration Dates

    Our direct supply chain guarantees an expiration date of 3 months into the future or more. Please note that premixed formulas naturally have a shorter expiration date than powdered formulas.

    Right Formula Guarantee

    Right Formula Guarantee

    If you experience an issue with this formula, we'll send you a gift card to try out another box of formula for free. 

    Disclaimer: Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby, because breast milk provides your child with all the essential nutrients it needs for growth and development. Please consult your pediatrician if your child requires supplemental feeding.

    Discover the HiPP Liquid Formula Difference

    HiPP PRE ready-to-feed infant formula is based on the gentle qualities of breast milk. It delivers evidence-backed benefits to support your newborn’s gut health and immunity. 

    Research affirms that HiPP Combiotic fosters the development of beneficial gut bacteria in babies, providing protection against gastrointestinal infections and shaping your little one’s gut microbiome to be more similar to that of breastfed infants.

    These features are available in a ready-to-drink HiPP liquid formula with no measuring, mixing, or mess. It’s a practical solution for on-the-go feeding or topping up after nursing sessions because every second is precious when you have a hungry baby waiting! 

    Sip & Share: Feedback About HiPP PRE Ready-to-Feed

    Parents applaud HiPP liquid formula as a valuable time-saver and a gentle, well-tolerated milk for sensitive newborns.

    "We needed to supplement our 3-week-old, and this product was great. He instantly drank this and loved it. Not only did he love the taste, he started gaining weight again. Our doctor and us were super happy!"
    - Ashley B. HiPP Ready-to-Feed Stage PRE customer

    Based on customer input, it was evident that parents trusted the clean ingredients in this formula to nourish their babies. HiPP liquid formula was noted as a perfect supplement to nursing, to simplify travelling, and it was easily accepted, earning it a 4.8 out of 5 stars!

    Unique Features of HiPP Formula Ready-to-Feed PRE

    1. Pure lactose-based recipe 🥛 - This HiPP liquid formula is 100% lactose-based without starch or maltodextrin, which helps to mimic breast milk. There is also evidence linking lactose to aided calcium absorption and prebiotic effects in infants.
    2. Without palm oil 🌴❌ - Fat is critical to your newborn’s growth and brain development. HiPP PRE ready-to-feed offers sunflower and rapeseed oil with no palm oil as a healthy and sustainable source of vital fats. 
    3. With long chain fatty acids 💓 - HiPP ready-to-feed formula contains ARA and DHA in an optimally balanced ratio to support your baby’s vision and cognition. These nutrients are important during infancy as studies show babies are unable to produce enough on their own at this age. 
    4. Safe & convenient bottle 🍼 - HiPP PRE ready-to-feed is offered in 200ml BPA-free bottles for your baby’s safety. With just the twist of a cap, they’re ready to drink, making them a huge time saver and suitable for bringing while on the move. 

    HiPP ready-to-feed PRE is an organic infant formula suitable from 0 to 6 months. It offers newborns a complete source of nutrition that may complement or replace breast milk. To suit different budgets and lifestyles, HiPP PRE formula is also available in a powered version.

    If your baby could benefit from a greater feeling of satiation, HiPP Bio Combiotik 1 may be a good alternative. As your little one reaches 6 months, you can transition them to HiPP Stage 2 No-Starch or HiPP Bio Combiotik 2 follow-on milk as part of a weaning diet.

    If you’re unsure if this formula is the best fit for your baby’s needs, we invite you to discover our other HiPP German formulas. You can also receive personalized suggestions by taking our formula finder quiz. If you have more questions or need assistance, our customer care team can help!

    Perfect for Your Baby If:

    • Your baby is between 0 and 6 months old 
    • You like recipes with no palm oil
    • You want the convenience of HiPP liquid formula
    • Your sensitive baby could benefit from gut-health support

    With Organic’s Best, you can count on ready-to-feed formula sourced directly from HiPP with a shelf life of around 3 months, ensuring lasting freshness for your little one. When you purchase HiPP HA ready-to-feed formula Stage PRE, here’s what you can expect: 

    • Each bottle of HiPP PRE ready-to-feed contains 200 ml of liquid formula.
    • HiPP expiration dates follow the European format of DD/MM/YYYY, but please be aware that the liquid formula has a shorter shelf life than the powdered formula.



    Thoroughly clean the bottle, teat, and ring.


    Check the closure for perfect condition before use.


    Shake the still sealed bottle before opening it for the first time.


    Fill the required amount of drink into a bottle and warm to drinking temperature.


    Do not heat the formula in the microwave (risk of scalding).


    Check temperature again before feeding.


    Feed the formula immediately and do not reuse leftovers.

    Improper preparation or storage can lead to health problems, so be sure to follow feeding instructions precisely. This formula should be stored in a cool, dry place.

    After opening a bottle for the first time and before feeding it to your baby, you can store the bottle closed in the refrigerator at 4-6 ° C and use it within 24 hours.

    Important Notes

    Breastfeeding is best for your baby. This formula is suitable from birth. Please consult your pediatrician before introducing infant formula to your baby.

    Like breast milk, all infant formula contains carbohydrates. They are an important part of your baby's diet. Frequent or prolonged teeth contact with carbohydrate-containing liquids can lead to tooth decay and thus to health problems. Do not let your child suck the bottle permanently, and change to cup-feeding as soon as possible.


    Bottle Meals per day

    Ready-to-drink formula

    (ml / fl oz)

    1 - 2 weeks*


    70 / 2.36

    3 - 4 weeks

    5 - 7

    100 / 3.38

    5 - 8 weeks

    5 - 6

    135 / 4.56

    3rd - 4th month


    170 / 5.75

    5th month** 


    200 / 6.76

    6th month onwards 4 235 / 7.95



    Whey Product *, Skimmed Milk *, Cream *, Lactose *, Vegetable Oils * (Sunflower Oil *, Rapeseed Oil *), Galactooligosaccharides * From Lactose *, Emulsifier Lecithins *, Fish Oil1, M.Alpina Oil, Calcium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Choline, Calcium Chloride, Calcium Orthophosphate, L-Phenylalanine, Potassium Chloride, Vitamin C, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Hydroxide, L-Tryptophan, Magnesium Hydroxide, L-Histidine, Zinc Sulfate, Iron Sulfate, Vitamin E, Niacin, Copper Sulfate, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Potassium Iodide, Metafolin® (Calcium-L-Methylfolate), Manganese Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Biotin, Vitamin B12.

    * From organic production.

    1 contains DHA. DHA belongs to the family of omega-3 fatty acids.

    *Organic palm oil from sustainable cultivation certified by independent inspection bodies.

    Allergens: Milk, whey, lactose, fish oil.

    HiPP's Ready To Feed can be given like breast milk as required - as often and as much your baby wants to drink

    **From the 5th month onwards, with Pediatric recommendation you may begin feeding porridge or other baby foods.

    Nutrition facts

    Nutritional Facts per 100 ml:
    Energy:277 kJ/ 66 kcal
    Fat:3.6 g
    Saturated fatty acid:1.6 g
    Monounsaturated fatty acids:1.5 g
    Polyunsaturated fatty acids:0.5 g
    DHA:13.2 mg
    Arachidonic acid:13.2 mg
    Carbohydrates:7 g
    Sugar:7 g
    Of which lactose:7 g
    Inositol:5.8 mg
    Fibres:0.3 g
    Of which Galacto-oligosaccharides:0.3 g
    Protein:1.3 g
    Of which L-Carnitin:1.2 mg
    Sodium:20 mg
    Potassium:66 mg
    Chloride:51 mg
    Calcium:51 mg
    Phosphorus:30 mg
    Magnesium:4.5 mg
    Iron:0.5 mg
    Zinc:0.5 mg
    Copper:0.053 mg
    Manganese:0.006 mg
    Fluoride:< 0.005 mg
    Selenium:3.8 µg
    Iodine:15 µg
    Vitamin A:54 µg
    Vitamin D:1.5 µg
    Vitamin E:0.7 mg
    Vitamin K:5.1 µg
    Vitamin C:8.9 mg
    Vitamin B1(thiamine):0.050 mg
    Vitamin B2(riboflavin):0.20 mg
    Niacin:0.34 mg
    Vitamin B6:0.029 mg
    Folic acid:10 µg
    Vitamin B12:0.10 µg
    Biotin:1.5 µg
    Pantothenic acid:0.34 mg

    HiPP's Ready To Feed can be given like breast milk as required - as often and as much your baby wants to drink

    **From the 5th month onwards, with Pediatric recommendation you may begin feeding porridge or other baby foods.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is HiPP Ready-to-Feed Stage PRE formula organic?
    Yes, HiPP formula is certified EU organic.

    What age is the HiPP Stage PRE Ready-to-Feed formula suitable for?
    HiPP Stage PRE Ready-to-Feed can be used from birth up until the 6th month.

    Can HiPP Stage PRE Ready-to-Feed formula be used as a sole source of nutrition for my baby?
    Yes, HiPP Stage PRE Ready-to-Feed formula is a complete source of nutrition from birth to 6 months that acts as a substitute for or complement to breast milk.

    What are the benefits of a ready-to-feed formula?
    HiPP Stage PRE Ready-to-Feed formula allows for on-the-go solutions for feeding your little one. With no preparation, you can feed your little one quickly and more efficiently.

    Does HiPP Ready-to-Feed Stage PRE contain palm oil?
    Yes, HiPP Stage PRE Ready-to-Feed formula contains organic palm oil that is sourced using organic farming.

    Can I switch between powdered formula and HiPP Stage PRE Ready-to-Feed formula?
    Most infants can switch between ready-to-feed and powdered formula without any issues, as long as the formula stages are equivalent in the Ready-to-Feed and the powdered version. It is crucial to prepare both the ready-to-feed formula and the powdered formula correctly.

    Does HiPP Stage PRE Ready-to-Feed formula have the same ingredients as the powdered version?
    HiPP liquid formulas are heated at high temperatures for preservation. This process means they can't include lactic acid cultures (probiotics). However, they do add prebiotics as a special ingredient. Because of how they're made, the powder and liquid formulas taste a bit different. Although they're not exactly the same, they're very similar in terms of ingredients. Ultimately, both the powder and liquid forms are great for feeding babies. Using either HiPP powder or liquid formula, your baby gets all the key nutrients they need. Many parents say their babies enjoy both types. And remember, it's okay to switch between powder and liquid formulas anytime you want.

    Is the HiPP Stage PRE Ready-to-Feed formula lactose-free?
    No, HiPP Stage PRE Ready-to-Feed formula does contain lactose. It is not suitable for babies with lactose intolerance.

    How long can HiPP Stage PRE Ready-to-Feed formula be stored once opened?
    Once opened, the container of HiPP Stage PRE Ready-to-Feed formula should be consumed within 2 hours if it is at room temperature or 24 hours if stored in the fridge.

    Where can I buy the HiPP Stage PRE Ready-to-Feed formula?
    You can buy HiPP formula on the Organic's Best online store.

    Right Formula Guarantee

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