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  • Holle has built a legacy on decades of experience in creating the best nutritious baby formula, 20 years of which are specifically dedicated to organic goat milk formulas. Holle is undeniably the top-quality option for your baby and their delicate tummy!

    From Farm to Bottle: Holle's Ethical Farming Practices

    Holle is a renowned brand of baby nutrition offering a wide range of organic baby formula and baby food. A true pioneer of wholesome and organic baby nutrition, Holle was one of the first brands to obtain the prestigious Demeter certification for its formula and baby food products.

    In fact, it was the first ever manufacturer of goat milk formula to obtain the Demeter seal of approval for its range of goat's milk formula for babies with sensitive stomachs!

    Holle uses the finest organic whole goat's milk sourced from Demeter-certified organic German farms. In an effort to maintain a farm-to-bottle concept of providing wholesome and clean nutrition, Holle formulas are produced using minimal processing to preserve the natural goodness of organic goat milk. This ensures a pure and delicious taste that is creamy and filling!

    Goat Milk Magic: The Holle Advantage for Babies

    In situations where using breast milk is not an option, organic goat milk formula has truly been a magical substitute for babies who naturally have more delicate or sensitive stomachs. The natural composition of goat's milk is quite similar to breast milk, making the formula powder easier to digest.

    This is due to the A2 beta-casein protein found in organic goat's milk. Unlike other milk formulas that may contain the more hard-to-digest A1 milk protein, Holle goat's milk infant formula only contains A2 milk protein.

    Holle Dutch VS German: Which Organic Goat Milk Formula Is Best?

    The European Commission's Food Safety Authority has stringent standards for infant nutrition products compared to other parts of the world. You can be certain that your baby is getting the absolute best in nourishment, with their nutritional needs being met in accordance with the highest measures of quality and purity without compromising on the creamy and delicious taste.

    The real differences between the German and Dutch Holle formulas lie in the respective countries' regulations for packaging and labelling more than the formula recipe itself. Holle Goat Dutch is offered in 800g tin cans, whereas the German version is offered in 400g cardboard boxes.

    Additionally, the German Holle goat formula range is offered in Stages PRE to 4 which is more stages than the Dutch version which comes in Stage 1 to 3. No mater which formula you choose, you can feel confident that your baby will have access to tailored nourishment that meets their changing nutritional needs at every stage of growth and development.

    Allergies, Intolerance, and More: Holle’s Answers to Parental Concerns

    Goat's milk is gentle and soothing if your baby has a sensitive stomach, making your life as a parent much easier. Imagine not having to struggle with colicky baby cries after every bottle feeding because your baby's Holle formula is easily digestible and does not cause discomfort or gassiness. Many parents praise goat milk formulas for being responsible for just that!

    Moreover, a formula with a base of goat milk naturally contains less lactose than cow's milk formula, which makes it a better alternative for babies with lactose sensitivities. However, it is not suitable if your baby has lactose intolerance or a cow's milk allergy.

    Gentle Goodness: Why Parents Love Holle's Goat Milk Formula

    Holle goat's milk formula is crafted to be pure and environmentally friendly. This means excluding palm oil and fish oil and instead opting for more sustainable-sourced ingredients like algae oil as a source of DHA and a blend of organic sunflower and rapeseed vegetable oils for a complete fat profile.

    The organic goat milk infant formula is also free from GMOs, added sugar, corn syrup, soy, wheat, eggs, and nuts. Additionally, Holle enriches the goat's milk with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, supplying your baby with a complete nutritional profile in every prepared bottle.

    Which Stage of Holle Goat Milk Formula is The Right One For Your Baby?

    Holle's organic goat milk formulas are crafted with the help of the best experts in baby formulas and infant nutrition. Whether Holle Dutch or German, each stage of the formula provides your baby with all the essential nutrients they need to thrive in their respective stages of growth.

    Holle Organic Goat Milk Formula Chart

    Holle Goat Stage PRE

    Stage PRE of Holle goat milk formula is suitable for newborns up to the age of 6 months. This formula is lactose-only, meaning that it contains no complementary carbohydrates like starch or maltodextrin, which ensures that it is extra gentle on little tummies. It is a complete source of infant nutrition for newborns and can be used as an alternative or supplement to breast milk.

    Holle Goat Stage 1

    Both variations (German and Dutch) of the goat's milk formula are intended for babies between 0 and 6 months of age. Like Stage PRE, Holle goat's milk Stage 1 is a lactose-only formulation without starch or maltodextrin and is suitable as an alternative or supplement to breast milk.

    Holle Goat Stage 2

    Holle goat milk formula Stage 2 is suitable for babies between 6 and 10 months of age once they have begun a mixed weaning diet. This goat's milk stage contains slightly higher levels of iron compared to stages PRE and 1. Moreover, it contains added starch and maltodextrin to make the texture more creamy and satiating for older babies.

    Holle Goat Stage 3

    Holle Stage 3 of goat's milk infant formula is tailored to meet the nutritional needs of babies between 10 and 12 months of age in the German version. The Dutch version, on the other hand, is meant to be consumed by babies from 12 months onwards.

    Holle Goat Stage 4

    Stage 4 of Holle goat formula is suitable for toddlers from 12 months of age and onwards. Stage 4 formula can be particularly useful for picky eaters as it's packed with vitamins and minerals that may be lacking from their family diet. Due to special Demeter regulations, formulas for ages 12+ months do not qualify for the Demeter certification, but rest assured they are still certified EU organic.

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