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    HiPP Cereals – A Delicious Start to the Day

    HiPP, committed to infant health, delivers top-quality baby nutrition from organic production. Their rigorously selected organic ingredients ensure the purest, HiPP organic grain porridge for your little one!


    Exploring HiPP Baby Cereals: Nourishment in Every Spoonful

    The diverse range of HiPP organic grain porridge is thoughtfully designed to meet the nutritional needs of babies and supports a weaning diet.

    Milk Porridge - is suitable after the 6th and 8th month and is a perfect choice for an evening meal. These porridges have no added sugar or sweetening juice concentrates.

    Good Night Porridge - is another option for a filling evening meal for babies after the 6th and 8th month. These porridges are enriched with fruits or baby biscuits, offering a mild sweetness.

    Single Grain Cereals - are an ideal way for young babies to begin solids. These organic baby cereal porridges, with delicate flakes, are suitable from the 5th month.

    Muesli - For toddlers and the whole family, HiPP mueslis offer more complex textures and flavors using organic and natural ingredients. Mueslis are ideal for self-spooning and serve as a tasty healthy snack.


    HiPP's diverse grains each offer benefits to feed your little one:

    • Rice Fakes (gluten-free): Easily digestible with a mild taste, rice porridge is a gentle and comforting choice.

    • Rolled Oats: Baby oatmeal is recommended as a first food by the Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). This nutritious and versatile grain is rich in fibre and other essential nutrients.

    • Maize (gluten-free): This corn-based grain is rich in carbohydrates and easily digestible.

    • Millet (gluten-free): Millet is easy to digest and has a mild flavour that is often well-accepted by babies.

    • Wheat: Rich in carbs, protein, and other nutrients; but contains gluten.

    • Spelt: A good source of fibre, protein, and minerals, but also contains gluten.

    HiPP's cereals offer essential nutritional benefits for your baby's healthy development.

    Their milk porridge combines valuable cereals with milk and fine fruit flakes, while all HiPP porridges contain vitamin B1 for energy metabolism and the nervous system and are free from added sugar.

    Moreover, the Goodnight porridges and Semolina porridge are enriched with iron which supports your baby's developing brain and body.


    Why Choose HiPP Oatmeal & Baby Cereals: Unveiling the Benefits

    Some factors that make HiPP baby cereals stand out in the organic cereal market include the following:

    • The EU organic production certification

    • The HiPP Organic seal

    • No added sugar

    • Enriched with essential minerals + vitamins


    Trusting HiPP for Your Baby’s First Solids

    With a wide range of grain options that are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, your baby's health is a top priority. You can trust HiPP to provide the vital nourishment your baby needs for a good start in life!

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