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    Holle's range of baby snacks with ingredients sourced from organic farming caters to your little one's nutritional needs and preferences as they grow and develop. You can choose from a Holle organic crunchy snack, delightful fruit bars, and more. Each snack is carefully crafted to provide both nourishment and enjoyment for your growing child!


    The Varied Delights: Organic Crunchy Snacks, Biscuits, Sticks, and Bars

    With ingredients from Demeter biodynamic and European organic farming, Holle's delightful range of organic snacks is designed to please tiny taste buds while providing essential nutritional benefits and includes:

    Holle Organic Crunchy Snacks:

    Holle's organic crunchy snacks are fluffy puffs made from simple wholesome grains like millet or rice with the option for an added kick of flavour from fruits, legumes, and spices for older babies and toddlers. Every Holle crunchy snack is gluten-free and contains no added sugar.

    Available in fun shapes like gluten-free organic rings and fluffy puffs, these snacks are perfectly shaped for small baby hands to grab and promote self-feeding, offering valuable nibbling fun for babies. The fluffy puffs melt like butter in your baby's mouth, making them perfect for young babies exploring new textures.

    Some of our bestselling Holle organic crunchy snacks are the gluten-free organic rings and Holle organic crunchy snack millet!

    Holle Organic Biscuits:

    Holle's Spelt and Little Farm Biscuits are ideal snacks if you're looking for a treat with very mild sweetness. These biscuits make your baby's snacking time more adventurous and beneficial by promoting the development of the jaw and chewing muscles, thanks to the biscuits' interesting shapes and texture.

    Holle Organic Crispy Sticks:

    Perfectly shaped for small baby hands to grab, Holle crunchy sticks are an ideal snack for your baby's mouth to nibble on as they explore solid foods.

    Holle Organic Snack Bars:

    Whether it's the fruity bars or the fruity bars with veggies, these convenient and mess-free bars are perfect for on-the-go snacking.


    More Than Snacks: Baby Tea, Nursing Tea, Weaning Oil, and Olive Oil

    Holle also offers an exceptional range of products designed to complement your baby's weaning journey and to support breastfeeding; these options include:

    1. Organic Tea for Babies: a variety of organic herbal tea blends thoughtfully crafted with no added sugar or flavourings to accompany your baby's meals.

    2. Organic Nursing Tea: a herbal tea blend of fennel, caraway, lemon balm, and anise is a tasty way to help boost your milk supply.

    3. Organic Baby Weaning Oil: a blend of cold-pressed rapeseed, sunflower, and hempseed oil makes for easy addition of healthy fats to your baby's weaning diet.

    4. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: is perfect for enhancing meals for your little one and the whole family.


    Choosing Holle - Nutritious Snacking Made Simple

    Holle's creates delicious healthy organic snacks for little ones making them a trusted choice amongst parents. Holle sources only the finest organic ingredients without harmful additives, ensuring the highest quality and purity in every bite. You can rest assured that Holle snacks for babies are:

    • EU organic

    • Demeter biodynamic (only some products)

    • Vegan options (only some products)

    • Gluten-free, lactose-free, and egg-free (only some products)

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