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  • Holle Ultimate Weaning Bundle


    What’s Included in the Bundle: 

    • 8 Boxes of whole grain cereal in total (4 flavours)
    • 48 Purée pouches in total (8 flavours)
    • 22 Baby snacks in total (7 types)

    This organic baby food bundle is specially designed for little ones who are ready to start on solids and contains a thoughtfully curated collection of Holle’s best-selling organic baby foods suitable starting from the 5th month and up. Everything you need for your weaning journey is just a click away!

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    Disclaimer: Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby, because breast milk provides your child with all the essential nutrients it needs for growth and development. Please consult your pediatrician if your child requires supplemental feeding.

    Holle Ultimate Weaning Bundle

    Why We Love This Bundle:

    Help your little one form lifelong healthy eating habits with our delicious and nutritious Holle cereals, pouches, and snacks! This bundle is perfect for introducing your baby to a variety of tastes and textures to support a varied weaning diet and a willingness to try new things.

    All of the products in this bundle are free of added sugar, salt, GMOs as well as artificial flavors and preservatives. The entire bundle is certified organic by the European Union. Additionally, many of the products hold the strictest organic certification worldwide, Demeter.

    Why We Love This Bundle:

    • EU Organic and Demeter Organic
    • Huge variety of flavors
    • Interesting textures
    • Great on-the-go snacks
    • Preparation versatility
    • No added sugar or salt

    What’s Included in Your Bundle:

    4 Flavours of Cereal

    Cereals are versatile meals offering a variety of preparation options. Holle uses gently cooked whole grains to retain the most nutrients thereby supporting immunity and cardiovascular health. The cereals are finely ground into soft flakes making them easier to digest for young babies.

    You Get 8 Cereal Boxes in Total:

    8 Flavours of PouchesHolle pouches are a simple, delicious, and convenient option for feeding babies and toddlers. These pouches are made with 100% finely puréed real fruit, veggies, grains, and yogurt with no added sugar. The unique spill-proof design of the pouches keeps snack time mess-free!

    You Get 48 Pouches in Total:

    7 Types of SnacksBaby snacks make the perfect finger foods, which are essential to the development of self-feeding and hand-eye coordination. Holle biscuits, puffs, and snack bars offer a variety of different shapes and textures for your baby to explore.

    You Get 22 Snacks in Total:Holle Snack Bars:These bars are made with an easy-to-digest fruit purée filling cased in a wholegrain spelt wafer to prevent sticky fingers. These snack-size bars are perfectly portioned and comfortable for little hands to hold.

    Holle Crunchy Snacks:These minimal-ingredient snacks are shaped into soft fluffy puffs that melt in the mouth like butter and are easy for tiny hands to grip.

    Holle’s Biscuits: Baby biscuits have a naturally mild taste and are soft on digestion. The crunchy texture can help improve your baby’s jaw strength and muscle development which is an important part of the weaning process.

    Note: From time to time we might need to substitute the exact products received with similar items based on stock quantities.



    Preparation steps for Holle Cereals:

    Heat 100 ml whole milk and 100 ml water to approx. 50 °C.


    Then, add 6 teaspoons (25 g) cereal flakes.


    Finally, mix everything well, let the porridge swell briefly and make sure it is at the right temperature for consumption (37 °C).


    Alternatively, you can prepare the cereal porridge with 130 ml of breast milk, 200 ml of whole milk or water, or a Holle infant milk made from cow's or goat's milk (150 - 170 ml).


    Throw away any leftovers. Store in a cool dry place, use within 3 weeks after opening.

    Please follow the preparation instructions exactly. Dosing in the correct quantities will ensure your baby always receives the nutrients he or she needs.

    Do not change the proportions of except with explicit medical advice.

    Incorrect preparation and storage may result in damage to health.
    Pay attention to a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and thorough dental care from your baby's first tooth.

    Do not heat baby food in the microwave (danger of overheating).


    You can find the full Ingredient list on each product page, by scrolling down and clicking on the tab "Ingredients":

    - Holle Organic Oats Porridge (5+ Months) - 250g
    - Holle Organic Millet Porridge (5+ Months) - 250g
    - Holle Organic Rice Porridge (5+ Months) - 250g
    - Holle Organic Baby Muesli Porridge (6+ Months) - 250g

    - Holle Blueberry Bear: Blueberry, Apple, Banana & Yogurt (8+ Months)
    - Holle Power Parrot: Pear, Apple & Spinach (6+ Months)
    - Holle Pear Pony: Pear, Peach, Raspberries & Spelt (8+ Months)
    - Holle Blue Bird: Pear, Apple & Blueberries with Oats (6+ Months)
    - Holle Carrot Cat: Carrot, Mango, Banana & Pear (6+ Months)
    - Holle Zebra Beet: Apple, Banana & Beetroot (6+ Months)
    - Holle Veggie Bunny: Carrot, Sweet Potato & Peas (6+ Months)
    - Holle Fruity Fox: Apple, Banana, Berries & Yogurt (8+ Months)

    - Holle Snack - Little Farm Spelt Biscuits (10+ Months), 100g
    - Holle Snack - Spelt Biscuits (8+ Months), 150g
    - Holle Snack Bars - Apple & Banana (12+ Months), 25g
    - Holle Snack Bars - Pear & Apple (12+ Months), 25g
    - Holle Snack Bars - Carrot & Apple (12+ Months), 25g
    - Holle Snack - Rice & Lentil Crunchy Baby Puffs (8+ Months), 25g
    - Holle Snack - Mango & Millet Crunchy Baby Puffs (8+ Months), 25g

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are these Holle products organic?
    Yes! All our Holle Baby Food is EU organic and many products are also Demeter certified, which is the strictest organic certification worldwide.

    At what age can I start feeding the products in this bundle to my baby?
    Our Holle Ultimate Weaning Bundle contains products for various ages. Some products are suitable starting from as early as 5 months of age but for other foods, you'll need to wait until your baby is older. You can find the exact age for which a product is suitable above in our product description, or you can visit the respective product pages on our site.

    Where can I find the ingredients and nutrition facts?
    You can click on the tabs "Ingredients" and "Nutrition facts", where you will find the link to each product page with the full ingredient list and nutrition facts.

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