Holle Organic Baby Formula

Holle organic formula contains only raw ingredients and does not allow any chemicals or preservatives, flavoring, coloring, added salt, or refined sugar. Gently processed, Holle’s organic infant formula provides your child with a wholesome, natural, and balanced diet - from the very beginning. It contains organic ingredients like organic vegetable oils (organic palm oil), high-quality organic skimmed milk, and multiple essential vitamins. (Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E) Holle formula can be used as a substitute for breast milk. Holle's infant formulas come in stages. They are meant for newborn babies (Stage PRE, Stage 1) to 6 months (Stage 2, Stage 3) and 12 months old babies. (Stage 4) Holle organic infant formula is used by parents that value high organic certification.  

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How to Make Holle Formula?

You prepare the formula just as any formula. Boil the right amount of water and let it cool, add the corresponding amount of powder using the measuring cup and mix it by shaking or stirring. You can find the English preparation instructions in our support center.

How Many Ounces Does Holle Formula Make?

Holle comes in 400g (14.1 oz) boxes, which make approx. 100 fl oz of prepared formula. Please check the box for age-appropriate preparation recommendations. You’ll find the English version on our product page.

Where Is Holle Formula Made?

Holle produces in the border region of Germany and Switzerland. The organic certification Demeter requires producers to obtain ingredients from Germany.

How Long Does 1 Box of Holle Formula Stage 1 Last?

The shelf life of our boxes is at least six months from the date of order. On average, one box (400g/14.1oz) makes approx. 20 bottles. This number depends on how old your baby is and how much formula they need.

How Much Vitamin D Is in Holle Formula?

Holle Pre, Stage 1, and Stage 2 contain 1.4µg/100ml (3.5oz) and Stage 3 and 4 contain 1.6µg. If your baby eats the recommended amount they ingest the right amount of vitamin D. If they don’t you should talk to your pediatrician and think about supplementing in addition, especially during winter months.

How Many Calories in Holle Formula?

Depending on the stage of the formula the calories range around 66kcal/100ml (3.5 fl oz). The nutritional value varies slightly from each stage. Please check our product page for more information on this.

How Long Is Holle Formula Good for Once Prepared?

Formula should always be prepared freshly and leftovers should not be heated up. They can be stored in the fridge for a couple hours, however, let it warm up to room temperature before feeding it to your baby.