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Holle Goat Stage 3 Organic (Bio) Baby Milk Formula (400g)

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  • A Formula That Makes Babies Smile

    Holle Goat formula stage 3 is made for babies from 10 months or older. It is ideal for bottle feeding and preparing porridge. Holle stage 3 organic formula contains all important nutrients that are required by strict European regulations.

    Goat infant Formula Stage 3 organic is the ideal alternative to cow milk formulas. It is specially developed for children who may have a cow's milk allergy or sensitivity. Holle organic goat milk stage 3 is a perfect option if you think your little one may have cow milk protein allergy.

    Holle goat milk stage 3 formula aim is to produce an as close as possible to breast milk product to ensure your baby’s well-being.


    High Organic Standards

    The milk in Holle Goat formula stage 3 is produced with Demeter certification. It is the highest European organic certification available. Assuring completely chemical-free agriculture and high standards of animal welfare and no dehorning of cows or goats.

    Goats are kept in accordance with Eu organic regulations. Demeter certified also means organically grown plants and raising cows using a biodynamic approach, which is also good for our environment. So it helps to save the planet too!

    Better Digestion Means Better Health

    The breast milk-like formulation of Holle organic infant goat milk formula 3 makes it easy to digest and support immune system. Study also shows that babies can digest goatʼs milk quickly and easily than cow's milk.

    Holle organic goat infant milk formula is suitable from birth which provides your baby with necessary dietary supplements to grow healthy and strong. This organic baby formula contains lactose, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that will help with baby's physical and mental health development.

    Folic acid generates red blood cells. Holle goat stage 3 organic formula can also alleviate health problems such as colic, constipation bloating, or gas. Organic infant goat milk formula 3 will support your baby’s natural digestion.

    Why We Love Holle Goat Stage 3

    ✔ Organic Whole Goat’s Milk

    ✔ Vitamin C, A, D for a Healthy Immune System

    ✔ LCP’s (DHA & Linoleic Acids)

    ✔ No Added Sugars

    ✔ No Soy, No GMOs

    ✔ No Corn Syrup

    ✔ No Palm Oil


Whole goat milk powder*¹ 38.5%, maltodextrin*, vegetable oils* (sunflower oil*, rapeseed oil*), lactose*, starch*, calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, calcium citrate, algae oil², L-cystine, ferrous sulfate, magnesium chloride, vitamin C, L-tryptophan, L-tyrosine, sodium citrate, sodium chloride, ferrous lactate, vitamin E, zinc sulfate, niacin, pantothenic acid, copper sulfate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B2, manganese sulfate, potassium iodide , vitamin K, sodium selenite, vitamin D3, biotin, vitamin B12

*from organic farming

¹ 100g of powdered infant milk is made from 285ml of whole milk

² contains DHA (required by law for follow-on formula)

Allergens: Contains milk, milk products

* Standard preparation: 100ml of ready-to-drink formula consists of 13.4g of Holle organic follow-on milk 3 based on goat's milk and 90ml of boiled water. One package of Organic Follow-on Milk 3 based on goat's milk yields approx. 30 meals of 100 ml drinking quantity (standard recipe).

About Holle

Holle was founded in 1933 and the most unique thing about Holle is that the milk in these infant milk formulas comes from cows raised on biodynamic (Demeter)  farms in caring and appropriate environments.

All farms strictly adhere to EU organic regulations and to the stringent international Demeter regulations.

Growing plants in biodynamic approach and raising goats and cows in lush biodynamic fields and pastures - free of pesticides or chemical fertilizers - is the reason for the superior quality of the milk used in premium baby food. Demeter farmers also avoid the painful dehorning of cows or goats.

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    10 August 2021
    United States
    Nice prices!

    I like how the formula has a good effect on the baby's body. The abdomen absorbs it well. Also, your service is very convenient. Reasonable prices, fast delivery. But what struck me most was that the animals that give milk to produce are in the safety and that it's all not harmful to the environment. In my opinion, this is a breakthrough for our society. I hope that in the near future all manufacturers will follow suit. For the formula itself, I put 5 stars. Everything is very good!

    10 August 2021
    United States
    A good replacement for breast milk!

    For such a good formula, the price on your site is still very affordable. Especially since the delivery is free, it is definitely suitable for all parents. The formula on goat's milk, a good food option for babies who are sensitive to other types of milk, especially cow's milk. Glad to find your online store!

    08 August 2021
    United States
    Has a good effect on health!

    The goat milk formula is something that is really worth noting! Strange as it may sound, but it turned out that both of my children are allergic to cow's milk, I have twins. The doctor said that this happens very rarely. Still, I'm still lucky, because we have the opportunity to buy alternative formulas like this.

    04 August 2021
    Kenya M.
    United States United States
    Love this formula

    I have twins and ones stomach was more sensitive than the other. This formula helped with spit up and vomiting after a feeding. Very expensive but worth it, I always recommend this formula to anyone who wants to do better for their baby. My twins are so smart and very aware as well and I feel like this formula has only benefited their growth.

    04 August 2021
    United States
    Contains a lot of nutrients!

    My child has a bad reaction to most formulas, so we have already spent a lot of money trying to find something suitable. In addition, the child is intolerant to cow's milk, and as a consequence of allergies. It is very difficult when you can not find a formula for a long time, and the baby suffers from itching. Nevertheless, this formula suited son, he stopped having allergies. Also, this goat formula promoted good digestion.

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