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Holle Organic Baby Tea (20 tea bags) - from 5th Month

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  • Suitable From 5th Month
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    • Why We Love Holle Organic Baby Tea

      ✔ EU-Bio/Eco

      ✔ Complies with Baby's nutritional needs

      ✔ No added sugars

      ✔ No chemicals or preservatives

Organic Babies' Tea with amazing ingredients

Holle Organic Tea for Babies is a mild and aromatic blend of carefully chosen herbs from organic cultivation. This tasty, unsweetened tea is perfectly suited to quench the thirst of babies after 5 months, small children and grown-ups.


fennel* 45%, caraway* 22,5%, aniseed* 20%, camomile*12,5%.


*From organic farming


Pour approx. 200ml of freshly boiled water over a tea bag and allow to infuse for 5-10 min. Remove the tea bag and pour Holle organic tea for babies into a bottle. Allow to cool to approx. 37°C before drinking.Sweetening the tea is not necessary.

Please note: To prevent overheating do not heat Holle Organic Tea for babies in the microwave (risk of overheating). Do not allow the child to suckle on the bottle for extended periods to prevent the onset of tooth decay.