• Holle Snack - Organic Pumpkin-Rosemary Sticks (3+ Years), 100g - 6 Packs

    "Both, me and my son. love it. We also like to share them with friends. The taste of rosemary is very subtle and refreshing. Great snack!"

    Valerie F. - Holle Snack Customer

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      • Why We Love Holle Organic Pumpkin-Rosemary Sticks

        ✔ EU-Demeter Organic

        ✔ Complies with kid's nutritional needs

        ✔ Perfect as a snack

        ✔ No added sugars/p>

        ✔ No chemicals or preservatives

        ✔ On-the-go eating

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    Organic Kids' Snacks means Healthy Snack Times

    Holle Organic Pumpkin and Rosemary Sticks are the perfect snack for toddlers. Healthy and certified as organic by Demeter, these sticks are as healthy as a nibble can get. They are wheat breadsticks made with pumpkin and rosemary. These moderately salted snacks are made using Demeter certified flours, through baking and touched up with some herbs.

    They are perfect for on-the-go situations, little snacks between meals, a little park nibble or even a family picnic. These sticks work as a healthy option for in-between meal nourishment, as they are designed to comply with a child’s diet from the 3rd year of life.

    It is a wonderful option to ensure that your child gets the best nourishment from those little snacks that are usually unhealthy. Especially given the fact that they have no added sugars, they only contain naturally occurring sugars.


    Wheat flour* (67%), whole meal barley flour* (18%), sunflower oil**, pumpkin powder** (3%), rosemary** (0.8%), yeast**, sea salt

    *From biodynamic farming

    **From certified organic farming


    Wheat flour* 67%, whole meal barley flour* 18%, sunflower oil**, pumpkin powder ** 3%, rosemary** 0.8%, yeast**, sea salt. May contain traces of nuts, milk and sesame. Contains gluten

    *from biodynamic farming

    ** from organic farming

    Nutrition facts

    Nutritional facts per 100 g :
    Energy:1707 kJ - 406 kcal
    Saturated fatty acid:0.9 g
    Carbohydrates:62 g
    Sugar:0.8 g
    Protein:12 g
    Salt:0.70 g

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Holle Pumpkin-Rosemary Sticks made with organic ingredients?
    Yes, Holle Pumpkin-Rosemary Sticks are made with organic ingredients.

    At what age can my child start eating Holle Pumpkin-Rosemary Sticks?
    Holle Pumpkin-Rosemary Sticks are suitable for babies from 3 years onwards.

    Are Holle Pumpkin-Rosemary Sticks safe and healthy for my toddler?
    Yes, Holle Organic Pumpkin and Rosemary Sticks are a safe and healthy snack option for toddlers. Certified as organic by Demeter, these sticks are made with organic and biodynamic ingredients like wheat flour, wholemeal barley flour, sunflower oil, pumpkin powder, rosemary, yeast, and sea salt. They contain no added sugars, making them a nutritious choice. These sticks are suitable for children from the 3rd year of life and are designed to comply with a child’s diet. However, always be cautious of potential allergens as the product contains wheat and barley, and may contain traces of other allergens.

    Can my child eat Holle Pumpkin-Rosemary Sticks if they have certain food allergies or intolerances?
    If your child is intolerant or allergic to any of the following ingredients, then Holle Pumpkin-Rosemary Sticks are not suitable for them: Wheat flour* (67%), whole meal barley flour* (18%), sunflower oil**, pumpkin powder** (3%), rosemary** (0.8%), yeast**, sea salt.

    What is the texture of Holle Pumpkin-Rosemary Sticks like? Are they easy for toddlers to chew?
    Holle Organic Pumpkin and Rosemary Sticks have a texture that is appropriate for toddlers. The sticks are made primarily from wheat flour and wholemeal barley flour, resulting in a crunchy yet manageable texture that is suitable for chewing. The addition of pumpkin powder and rosemary enhances the flavor and aroma, adding to the overall sensory experience for the child. The sticks are designed to be easy to hold and nibble on, making them convenient for toddlers. However, as with any food, supervision is important to ensure safe consumption, especially for young children.

    Do Holle Pumpkin-Rosemary Sticks contain any preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors?
    No, Holle Pumpkin-Rosemary Sticks are free from preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors.

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