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HiPP Goat Milk Formula Stage 3 Organic (Bio) Follow-On Milk (400g) - German Version

"The combination of DHA and goat milk really helped with my son's digestion."

Marc B. - HiPP Goat stage 3 customer

This goat milk formula is made from A2 goat's milk and can be used from 12 months onwards. Please consult your pediatrician if your child requires supplemental feeding.

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Disclaimer: Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby, because breast milk provides your child with all the essential nutrients it needs for growth and development. Please consult your pediatrician if your child requires supplemental feeding.

HiPP Organic Goat’s Milk Formula

Goat milk formula for a healthy start in life.

If you're looking for a gentle formula for your little one, HiPP’s formula made with naturally mild organic goat’s milk is soft on tiny tummies. The organic skimmed goat milk, lactose, and vegetable oils make an ideal base for baby formula.

Milk contains two main types of beta-casein protein, which are A1 and A2 beta-casein. HiPP's organic goat milk is naturally A2 or in other words, A1 beta-casein free. Unlike cow's milk which is typically A1, A2 goat’s milk is better suited to sensitive tummies because it is digested more quickly, easily, and completely by babies.

HiPP’s formula mimics breast milk to bring your baby formula with the natural benefits of human milk. Like breastmilk, HiPP’s formula contains prebiotics which help to promote healthy gut flora and digestion. Prebiotics have also been found to improve bowel movements and reduce colic in infants.

It also contains a blend of organic vegetable oils as a source of palmitic acid which is naturally present in breastmilk and an optimal ratio of fatty acids including DHA (Omega-3) and ARA (Omega-6) to support brain development and visual acuity. Goat’s milk is naturally high in many nutrients but HiPP makes up for what it’s missing by adding all the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth and development.

This formula may be a good option if your little one struggles with digestive issues, is sensitive to cow's milk, or you're looking for a gentle breastmilk-like formula.

HiPP’s formulas are staged to meet your baby's nutritional needs at every developmental milestone: Stage PRE is intended for babies of 0 to 6 months, stage 2 for babies of 6+ months, and stage 3 for babies of 12+ months. Babies all over the world are thriving on these premium formulas, and we think your little ones will too!

Why we love HiPP’s Organic Goat Milk Formula!

  • EU Organic
  • Made from gentle A2 goat milk
  • Contains ARA (Omega-6) & DHA (Omega-3)
  • Breastmilk-like formulation
  • Enriched with prebiotics (GOS)

About HiPP Goat Stage 3

A2-beta-casein milk for your baby's well-being.

HiPP stage 3 formula is suitable for use from 12 months of age as a substitute for or complement to breastmilk. This formula is intended to be used as part of a mixed diet of bottle feeds and weaning.

HiPP uses organic A2 goat’s milk and prebiotics for a gentle formulation that aids with your baby’s digestion. Prebiotics may also help to alleviate colic and improve bowel movements. Because HiPP likes to keep things natural, just like human breast milk the main carbohydrate in this formula is lactose; you won’t find any added starch or maltodextrin.

This formula is free of artificial sweeteners and GMOs and is packed full of nutrients like vitamin A, D, and E, minerals, and essential fatty acids (DHA and ARA). To ensure sufficient iron supply as your little one grows, HiPP children’s milk contains more iron than HiPP infant milk.

Stage 3 has reduced protein and fat content to provide an age-appropriate energy supply. Only the highest-quality clean EU organic ingredients are used in HiPP products to provide your baby with all of the essential nutrients they need as they grow! Each box contains 400g of formula.

  • For babies 12+ months
  • Organic skim goat’s milk
  • Easier to digest A2 milk protein
  • Enriched with prebiotics (GOS)
  • NO starch or maltodextrin
  • NO harmful chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, or GMOs



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