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  • HiPP Jar - Assorted Vegetables Puree (190g)

    “Our daughter is already very picky, but thankfully, she really likes this vegetable jar (and so do I). She tolerates it really well, and we only recently started solids. We also appreciate that it’s very filling.”

    Julian W. - HiPP Assorted Vegetables Puree customer

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    In the first week of complementary feeding before a milk feed.


    For a complete meal, mix 1/2 glass of HiPP organic vegetables (190g) with 1/2 glass of HiPP organic meat preparation and 1 teaspoon of HiPP organic rapeseed oil (2g).


    If necessary, more vegetables. Heat the opened jar or portion in a water bath or microwave, stir vigorously and check the temperature.


    Store unheated remainder sealed in the refrigerator and use the next day.

  • Without added salt
  • Without added flavors

    Please do not use a metal spoon to avoid damaging the glass.

    Before use, please make sure that the glass has remained intact.

  • Ingredients


    Carrots, water, potatoes*, cauliflower*, peas*, rapeseed oil* 1.2%.

    *Organically produced.

    Note: Naturally gluten-free. Vegan recipe.

    Nutrition facts

    Nutritional facts per 100 g:
    Energy:168 kJ/ 40 kcal
    Fat:1.3 g
    of which saturated fatty acid:0.1 g
    Carbohydrates:4.7 g
    of which sugar:2.2 g
    Protein:1.2 g
    Salt:0.05 g
    Sodium:0.02 g

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