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    Jovie goat milk is formulated with delicate ingredients that are gentle on little tummies. In particular, Jovie goat is a great option for babies who experience mild sensitivities to traditional cow milk formulas. However, goat's milk formula is not suitable if your baby suffers from cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA) or lactose intolerance.

    Organic goat milk powder- Jovie's first ingredient- is produced through a holistic process at animal welfare-conscious farms. Beyond offering a decadent creamy taste, organic whole goat milk supplies your baby with healthy palm oil-free fats that are crucial for growth and development. As a great asset, all of their formulas feature organic lactose as the only carbohydrate source for easy-to-digest energy.

    Whole Organic Goat Milk as a Base

    Jovie Goat stands out from other goat milk formulas because of its use of whole goat milk in contrast to the more readily available skimmed milk. Whole milk retains its natural milk fats, which formulas based on skimmed milk do not have. This is advantageous because it's been found that infants absorb roughly half of their energy from fat!

    Not only that, but Jovie goat milk contains a high percentage of palmitic acid, which promotes improved fat and calcium absorption, bone health, and digestion. Part of the reason for this is that, in the case of goat milk, palmitic acid is found more frequently at the same molecular position as the palmitic acid found in breast milk.

    Additionally, scientists have proven that goat milk is digested faster and more easily by babies compared to when they drink cow's milk infant formula making Jovie Goat a great alternative for little ones who struggle with mild feeding issues on cow's milk formula.

    And because the goat's milk is European organic, that means zero chemical pesticides, herbicides, steroids, or GMO ingredients are used during the production of Jovie goat milk.

    Jovie Organic Cow Milk Formula

    Jovie whole cow milk baby formula combines the deliciously mild taste of cow's milk with the gentle properties of whole milk to nourish little ones. The natural milk fats present in this baby formula allow for lower levels of organic vegetable oils to be added, ensuring a more natural ingredient profile. Plus, whole cow's milk is also rich in palmitic acid, which means you'll never see palm oil added to any Jovie cow baby formulas.

    Jovie cow infant milk is also enriched with two kinds of prebiotics (GOS and FOS). Prebiotics are important to your baby's developing digestive system because these non-digestible fibres supply beneficial bacteria with energy to grow and flourish, which can help diversify your baby's gut microbiome.

    Ultimately, parents love the clean, high-quality organic ingredients of this formula and appreciate that it contains no unnecessary additives.

    About Jovie Formula

    Jovie is a Dutch company made up of parents and infant nutrition experts who specialize in goat milk formula. More recently, they've expanded their product line to include cow's milk baby formula, which offers many of the advantages of their whole goat milk range but is tailored towards babies that thrive on cow's milk.

    The milk used in both formulas is sourced from pastures in the Netherlands, which is one of the world's largest suppliers of dairy and is renowned for its high-quality milk. Coupled with the strict regulations of European organic certifications, Jovie has earned a reputation for producing clean infant formula.

    Jovie is a company that is deeply concerned with your child's health and the well-being of animals as well as our planet. These values are reflected in the consciously selected certified organic ingredients, their transparent and sustainable production process, and even their sturdy yet recyclable tin packaging. This attention to detail for every single aspect of the product is what allows us and other health-conscious parents to vouch for the quality of their formulas!

    Preparation and Storage of Jovie Goat and Cow Formulas

    Preparing and storing Jovie organic formulas is very simple. Our customers also tell us that they appreciate that this information is printed directly on the formula containers in English, unlike some other brands we carry.

    How to Prepare Jovie Formula?

    As per the directions, your Jovie formula should be kept in a cool, dry place inside your home, away from any heat or humidity. Once the container has been opened, it should be used within 3 weeks.

    It is highly recommended that you prepare your baby's bottle fresh for every feeding. However, if you need to prepare a feeding in advance, the formula should be prepared, cooled down, and stored in the fridge (at a temperature no higher than 5ºC). The prepared formula bottle should be used within 10 hours of refrigerating.

    To prepare Jovie formula, the instructions below should be followed:

    1. Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure all feeding equipment is washed and sterilized.

    2. Boil water and let it cool down to approximately 40 °C / 104 °F. Make sure the water is not too hot.

    3. Fill the sterilized bottle with roughly half of the required amount of boiled water (see the feeding table on the can for exact quantities).

    4. Fill the scoop provided in the can with infant formula powder and level it with the dull side of a knife. Add the required amount of formula powder to the bottle.

    5. Close the bottle and shake thoroughly. Add the remaining water and shake well again.

    6. Check the drinking temperature before feeding your baby. It should be 37 °C / 98.6 °F.

    Jovie Formulas Variety

    Jovie organic goat milk formula comes in three stages to nourish your baby from birth into toddlerhood. Below, you'll find details about each Jovie Goat Stage.

    Jovie Goat Formula Ingredient Comparison

    Jovie Goat Milk Stage 1 Infant Milk

    Jovie Stage 1 goat milk formula is ideal for newborn babies until their 6th month of life as a replacement or complement to breast milk. This gentle, minimal-ingredient infant formula is made without added sugars, no soy, no corn syrup, and no palm oil! With lactose as the main carbohydrate, just like breast milk, your little one's tiny tummy will be able to easily tolerate this delicious, nutrient-packed goat's milk formula.

    Jovie Stage 2 Goat Milk Formula

    Jovie Stage 2 goat milk formula is ideal for babies from their 6th month of life and onwards as a replacement or complement to breast milk in conjunction with their mixed diet. In keeping with Stage 1, Jovie goat milk Stage 2 remains fully lactose-based. It's a great option for parents seeking simpler follow-on formulas without starch or maltodextrin.

    Stage 3 Jovie Goat Milk Formula

    Jovie Stage 3 formula is ideal for toddlers from 12 months onwards as a complement to their family diet. With essential nutrients like potassium iodide, vitamin D, and iron, it can help fill nutritional gaps in your little one's diet.

    Unlike some toddler formulas in other parts of the world, Jovie goat milk formula Stage 3 has no added sugars or sweeteners, just whole goat milk and lactose! The formula is best offered from a cup to help teach our kiddo valuable drinking skills and to reduce the chances of tooth decay from sucking on a bottle.

    Cow Ingredient Comparison

    Jovie whole cow milk baby formula is also available in three stages. However, Jovie Cow Stage 3 is slightly different than their Stage 3 goat milk formula.

    Jovie Organic Cow Milk Formula Stage 1

    Jovie Cow Stage 1 is delicately made for newborn babies from birth up to 6 months and may complement or substitute breastfeeding. Thanks to the combination of full-cream cow's milk, lactose, and 2 kinds of prebiotics, Jovie Cow organic infant formula is soft on tiny tummies.

    Jovie Cow Milk Stage 2

    Once your baby has moved onto a diet of solid foods, Jovie Cow milk Stage 2 can be fed alongside a mixed diet from 6+ months. This follow-on milk serves as a complement or replacement to breastfeeding.

    Jovie cow milk Stage 2 offers elevated levels of critical nutrients like iron to boost your baby's blood formation and neurological development. Like all Jovie formulas, this follow-on milk is only made with lactose, so you won't find more complex carbs like starch or maltodextrin in the recipe.

    Jovie Organic Cow Milk Formula Stage 3

    Similar to Stage 2, Jovie Cow Stage 3 is to be fed alongside a weaning diet as a complement or replacement for breastfeeding, although it is designed for babies aged 10+ months. It, too, features a tailored nutrient blend that satisfies your baby's changing nutritional needs. This formula can be continued into toddlerhood as a companion to a family diet.

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