HIPP HA Stage PRE Ready-to-Drink Combiotic Instructions

HiPP HA PRE Ready-to-feed Instructions in English

Pay close attention to the instructions for use during preparation. Improper preparation or storage over a longer period of time can lead to health problems, e.g. through the growth of undesirable germs.Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Thoroughly clean the bottle, teat and ring.
  2. Check the closure for perfect condition before use.
  3. Shake the still sealed bottle before opening it for the first time.
  4. Fill the required amount of drink into a bottle and warm to drinking temperature.
  5. Do not heat the food in the microwave (risk of scalding).
  6. Check temperature again before feeding.
  7. Feed food immediately and do not reuse leftovers.

After opening for the first time, keep closed in the refrigerator (4-6 ° C) and use within 24 hours


Amounts And Dosage



Bottle Meals per day

Ready-to-drink formula

(ml / fl oz)

1 - 2 weeks*

5 - 7

70 / 2.36

3 - 4 weeks

5 - 7

100 / 3.38

5 - 6 weeks

5 - 6

135 / 4.56

7 - 8 weeks


170 / 5.75

3rd - 4th month


200 / 6.76

5th month** onwards


235 / 7.95

 *Unless otherwise recommended by the pediatrician.

from birth as the sole food or to be added to breast milk
• after breastfeeding or another HA starter formula
• can be given like breast milk as required - as often and as much your baby wants to drink

**From the 5th month onwards, with Pediatric recommendation you may begin feeding porridge or other baby foods.


Important Notes

Breastfeeding is best for your baby. This formula is suitable from birth. Please take advice from health care provider or health care professional before introducing the infant formula to the baby.

Do not use if existing or suspected Cow-milk Protein Allergy/ milk allergy.

Like breast milk, all infant formula contains carbohydrates. They are an important part of your baby's diet. Frequent or prolonged teeth contact with carbohydrate-containing liquids can lead to tooth decay and thus to health problems. Do not let your child suck the bottle permanently and change to cup-feeding as soon as possible.