Formula Guide

The Different Stages of Formulas

Organic’s Best offers formulas exclusively in organic quality. The DEMETER and BIOLAND labels ensure an organic standard that exceeds those of conventional European legislations. Nevertheless, the average BIO label still ensures a very high form of Organic regulations and supervision. The formulas in Organic’s Best Shop have no GMOs and undergo several different quality checks (depending on the manufacturer).


PRE (Infant milk) The National Breastfeeding Commission recommends breastfeeding at least within the first 6 months and, in principle, can continue until the 2nd or 3rd year of life, as long as mother and baby wish to do so. Infant formula labeled „pre“ is the organic formula alternative to breast milk. Like breast milk, it contains only milk sugar (lactose) as a carbohydrate and can be given at any time in any quantity and until the end of bottle feeding (approx. 12 months) - without the risk of overfeeding. It is also well suited as a supplement to breast milk.
Our Pre Formulas:
Just like the pre-formula, stage 1 formula can safely be fed during the first 6 months. However, it often has additional ingredients such as carbohydrates (usually in the form of easy-to-digest gluten-free corn starch or a broken-down component of it: easily digestible maltodextrin). These carbohydrates do not make milk higher in calories, but they do make it a bit creamier. And because they are not digested as quickly as lactose-only pre-formula, satiation lasts a little longer, which can lead to babies found to be more "satisfied" and able to sleep through the night longer at an earlier age. Our recommendation is to feed stage 1 formula when you think pre-formula is no longer sufficient during the first 6 months.
Our Infant Formulas:
Growing up and discovering the environment makes babies hungry. Maybe you notice your child is hungry more often, because infant formula is no longer sufficient. Therefore, at around 6 months, it’s time to expand your baby's diet. You can now start with supplementary food and also switch to a follow-on milk of stage 2. They are even more satisfying, higher in energy and naturally geared to the nutritional requirements of babies aged 6 months and older. The kidneys of babies younger than that would be overwhelmed by the additional nutrients. The exact amounts can vary depending on each manufacturer, but always in an age-appropriate manner.
Our Follow-on Formulas:
From around 10-12 months, you might have started sharing your food with the baby and they started eating some solid food and thus, participates in family meal time. Growing-up milk is geared to the nutritional needs of babies from 12 months onwards. They can also be prepared with other baby food, such as porridges and cereals. Children usually start with chopped bread or fruit. In the beginning, the child crushes the food on their palate and then discovers how to chew. Please do not let your child eat without any supervision! Remember, while transitioning to a mixed diet, make sure your baby drinks enough water! If your child can already drink from the bottle or small cups themselves you can get your child used to water that way.
Our Growing-up Formulas:
Growing-up milk for children over 12 months contain vitamins and calcium to support the development of teeth and bones. Added iodine helps with a healthy development of the thyroid.
Our Growing-up Formulas:
One of the most common allergy in children under the age of three is a dairy allergy. Holle goat milk formula can help with intolerances for certain proteins found in cow milk. Although they share similarities, research shows that some people cannot digest dairy very well. The protein Alpha S1 Casein is mainly responsible for digestive problems of cow milk. Goat milk has 89% less of mentioned protein. Other benefits are smaller fat molecules and less lactose - making it easier to be processed by the body.
Our Goat's milk Formulas:
HA stands for „hypoallergenic“ milk formula and is suitable especially for children who are at risk of allergies and cannot be breastfed. In HA’s organic formula the proteins are broken down into smaller pieces, therefore, the baby’s organism perceives them as less foreign and causes fewer allergy symptoms. HA products are available in three different formula stages (Pre, 1, 2) and thus offer an alternative for children at risk of allergies at any age. As HA Organic formula is also made from cow's milk, children with cow's milk allergy or lactose intolerance should not drink it. Please talk to your pediatrician before switching to hypoallergenic formula.
Our Hypoallergenic Formulas:
Special Organic formula is designed for babies with digestion or reflux issues. Since these problems can occur at any age, the formula is suitable from birth onwards. Anti Reflux formula contains a natural thickening agent to prevent food from backing up from the baby’s stomach. Comfort formula is for children who suffer from flatulences and 3-months colics. Babies’ needs are always unique, please talk to your pediatrician to find out what special organic milk formula is best for your baby.
Our Sepcial milk Formulas: