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HiPP Stage 1 Plus Instructions in English 

Follow the instructions precisely when preparing the HiPP COMBIOTIK® baby milk infant formula. Improper preparation or storage of the prepared bottle over a longer period of time can lead to health problems, e.g. due to the growth of unwanted germs.

Prepare formula before every feeding and feed immediately. Do not reuse the remains of the prepared formula.Close the opened bag tightly after use. Store dry and at room temperature and use within 3 weeks after opening.

HiPP COMBIOTIK® 1+ children's milk can be prepared warm or cold.

Do not heat food in the microwave (risk of scalding).

Toddler milk instructions

  1. Boil fresh drinking water and cool to approx. 40°-50°C* / 104° - 122° F*
  2. Pour the required amount of cold or warm water into a baby-friendly cup.
  3. Loosely fill the measuring spoon and level the remaining formula. Add the recommended amount of formula.
  4. Stir, check for drinking temperature (approx. 37°C / 98° F) if necessary.

*In order not to damage the natural lactic acid cultures (lactobacilli), please do not prepare the food with too hot water.

If prepared with tap water, leave the tap open for a short period, until the flowing water turns cool.

Tip: HiPP baby spring water - ideal for the preparation of baby formulas -  also without boiling.

Amounts And Dosage

The daily recommendation of HiPP mother's milk COMBIOTIK 1+ is 2 portions a day. Recommended drinking quantities per day are for guidance only and vary individually. Your baby does not necessarily have to drink the bottle completely. Please use the included measuring spoon only! One flattened spoonful per 30 ml / 1.01 oz water.

Ready-to-drink food

(ml / fl oz)

Amount of water

(ml / fl oz)

Number of measuring spoons

Feedings per day

150/ 5.07

135/ 4.56




Important Notes

HiPP COMBIOTIK® 1+ children's milk is intended for children aged 1 year and above to be consumed from a cup. Please pay attention to a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and thorough dental care even from the first tooth - especially before going to sleep.