Lebenswert Stage 2 Instructions English


Before each bottle feed, boil the water and let it cool down to approx.  

50 °C / 122 °F.


Fill the bottle with approx. half of the required amount of water (see feeding table below).


Fill the measuring spoon and level it with the dull side of a knife. Add the required amount of formula to the bottle.


Close the bottle and shake thoroughly. Add the remaining water and shake well again.

Check the drinking temperature before feeding. (37 °C / 98.6 °F)




Meals per day

Ready-to-drink food (ml / fl oz)

Number of measuring spoons*

Amount of water

(ml / fl oz )


From 6th month onwards


2 - 3

160 / 5.41


150 / 5.07

190 / 6.42


180 / 6.08

220 / 7.44


210 / 7.1

 *1 level measuring scoop = 4.4 g / 0.155 oz

Recommended drinking amount and number of bottles per day are general guidelines only. Please pay attention to the individual needs of your baby.

Standard Dose: 13.2 g / 0,46 oz “Lebenswert 2” Formula + 90 ml / 3.04 fl. oz. water = 100 ml / 3.38 fl. Oz. of ready-to-drink food. One pack of Lebenswert Formula 2 contains approx. 37 meals of 100 ml each (Recommended basic recipe).

Important Notes

Please pay close attention to the preparation instructions and the dosage ratio, that way your baby will receive the nutrients it needs. Only use the included measuring spoon for preparation. Improper preparation can lead to health problems. Always prepare the food fresh and do not reuse remainders or rests. Do not heat formula in the microwave (risk of scalding). Ensure thorough dental care from the very first tooth and do not let your baby continuously suck the bottle.

Breastfeeding is the best for your baby. Mother's milks composition offers your baby the ideal needed mineral combination. "Lebenswert organic 2" is suitable for the special nutrition of infants from the age of 6 months onwards, and is to be used as part of a mixed diet. Not to be used as a replacement for breastfeeding during the first 6 months. The general or specific decision of use of supplementary foods during the first 6 months should be made strictly with advice of medical professionals under consideration of growth and development of your baby. Suitable ages - 6 months to 3 years as a part of a mixed diet out of a Bottle and in Porridges.