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Holle A2 Stage 2 - Organic A2 Milk Formula (800g) - 4 Boxes

6 reviews
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  • Holle A2: A Formula That Makes Babies Smile

    A2 formula is a great alternative for babies instead of regular cow’s milk formula. A2 may be easier on the tummy and cause less digestive discomfort.

    Holle organic A2 formula stage 2 is made for babies from 6 months old as part of a mixed diet with solid foods. It has all the important nutrients that are required by strict European regulations to make sure that your baby grows up happy and healthy.

    To ensure your baby’s well-being, Holle formula aims to produce a formula that is as close as possible in composition to breast milk. This cow milk formula helps the baby to grow strong and healthy. This aligns with our mission: Happy Families. Everywhere.


    Better Digestion With A2 Milk

    Cow’s milk consists of two main types of protein: Casein and whey. Casein makes up about 80% of the protein structure. There are several different types of casein, A1 and A2 beta-casein being the two most common.

    The body digests these two different, and A1 has been claimed to be more difficult to digest, leading to potentially more digestive discomfort. Most milk contains both types of casein.

    A2 milk is great because, like human breast milk or goat milk, it lacks A1 beta-casein protein and instead has mostly the A2 protein, which comes from specially selected cows that exclusively produce the A2 beta-casein protein.

    EU Organic Quality

    The ingredients in this formula are produced under the strict EU regulation for organic production and processing. Like this, only the best and highest quality ingredients make it into the can, because your baby deserves the best!

    The EU-organic certification guarantees GMO and pesticide-free production and respect for the animals, crops and every part of the environment that is involved.

    The A2 milk is sourced from European organic farmers. All ingredients are strictly monitored, guaranteeing the highest possible level of safety.

    Why We Love Holle A2 Milk Stage 2

    ✔ EU-Organic A2 Skim Milk

    ✔ No Chemicals or Preservatives

    ✔ Includes DHA

    ✔ No Added Sugars

    ✔ No Soy

    ✔ No Corn Syrup

Holle A2 Stage 2 Ingredients

Skimmed A2 milk*1, whey product* (partially demineralized whey powder*), vegetable oils* (palm oil*2, rapeseed oil*, sunflower oil*), maltodextrin*, starch*, L-tyrosine, potassium chloride, fish oil3, M. alpina oil**, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, L-tryptophan, sodium chloride, ferrous lactate, vitamin C, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, vitamin E, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin A, vitamin B6, manganese sulfate, potassium iodate, folic acid, sodium selenate, vitamin K, vitamin D, biotin, vitamin B12

*From organic farming

**contains milk

¹ 100 g infant milk powder are made from 202 ml skim milk

² from sustainable farming

³ contains DHA (required by law for follow-on formula)

Main ingredient / active ingredient: skimmed milk, whey powder, palm oil Allergens:

Contains fish products, milk products.

About Holle

Holle was founded in 1933 and the most unique thing about Holle is that the milk in these infant milk formulas comes from cows raised on biodynamic (Demeter)  farms in caring and appropriate environments.

All farms strictly adhere to EU organic regulations and to the stringent international Demeter regulations.

Growing plants in biodynamic approach and raising goats and cows in lush biodynamic fields and pastures - free of pesticides or chemical fertilizers - is the reason for the superior quality of the milk used in premium baby food. Demeter farmers also avoid the painful dehorning of cows or goats.

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    14 October 2021
    United States United States

    My friend recommended me to try this formula, because we had experience with a formula that didn't suit my son, now everything is fine.

    13 October 2021
    United States United States

    I like that this formula has a pure composition, does not contain soy, GMOs and other negative ingredients that can harm my baby.

    11 October 2021
    United States United States

    My baby is not worried about anything. It grows and develops wonderfully. We have been using this formula for 4 months.

    07 October 2021
    United States United States

    We recently switched to the second stage of Holle A2 and everything is great as it was with the first one. Thank you.

    04 October 2021
    United States United States

    I am happy that my baby is getting the best pure ingredients by taking this formula. We were looking for a formula like this one, and we are fully satisfied.

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