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    by Agustina Fernandez September 06, 2022 6 min read

    Kendamil Formula Alternatives | Organic's Best Shop

    Many parents love Kendamil baby formula, and for good reason!

    Kendamil makes high-quality organic baby formulas using ingredients sourced from UK Red Tractor Farms. Their products are processed at their own facilities, ensuring that their formula is not exposed to unnecessary heat treatments. Moreover, Kendamil formula contains Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), which greatly support infant immunity!

    Their formulas are made with full cream milk from happy cows which contains the same Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) found in breast milk and are free from cheap additives like palm or fish oil.

    Learn more: Kendamil Organic VS Kendamil Classic Formula

    As you can see, quality is a top priority of the Kendamil brand, and they do not cut corners when making their formula, which comes in the following stages:


    Availability of Kendamil Formula

    Due to popular demand and warehouse shortages, this formula is not always readily available. This may pose an issue if your baby is currently being fed with Kendamil formula and you are unable to receive more infant formula before you run out. Let's talk a bit more about why these delays happen.


    Kendamil Baby Formula Availability


    Kendamil is made strictly in the United Kingdom and the ingredients come from UK Red Tractor Farms. The food that comes from Red Tractor Farms is responsibly sourced, safely produced, and comes from crops and animals that have been well cared for. These strict guidelines make for a great formula but also don't always make it possible to accommodate the growing demand.

    Kendamil formula is often back-ordered, so as soon as we receive the mixture we do our best to make sure it gets into the hands of those who have pre-ordered it as soon as possible. If you can't receive your formula on time you may be wondering what the next best step is. Let's look at the options below.


    Alternative Formula Options That Are Similar To Kendamil

    There are many formulas on the market right now that are made with top-quality ingredients, are sustainably sourced, and are free from unwanted additives. It has never been easier to choose a formula that supports the health of your little one.


    Here are five of our favourite alternative formulas and how they compare to Kendamil!

    Kendamil Baby Formula Alternatives | Organic's Best

    Jovie Goat Milk Formula

    Jovie is a dutch company that makes high-quality organic goat milk baby formulas. Their formulas are made without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, or GMOs. Jovie formulas are full of important nutrients including fatty acids (DHA & AA) and added prebiotics. Some studies even suggest that goat milk is more easily digestible.

    Here is how Jovie Goat Milk Formula compares to Kendamil Formula.

    Kendamil Alternative - Jovie Formula


    • Palm oil free
    • Contains prebiotics
    • Made with whole milk
    • No starch or maltodextrin (lactose is the only source of carbohydrates)


    • Contains fish oil
    • Made with goat's milk


    HiPP Dutch Formula

    HiPP's Dutch Formula is as close to real breast milk as it gets. This formula contains natural probiotic lactic acid cultures originally extracted from real breast milk and is free from artificial sweeteners and GMOs. It contains some of the best nutrients that support your baby's health, such as prebiotics, essential fatty acids (DHA and ARA), minerals, and vitamins A, D, and C.

    Here is how HiPP Dutch Formula compares to Kendamil Formula.

    Kendamil Formula Alternative - HIPP Dutch Formula


    • No starch or maltodextrin (lactose is the only source of carbohydrates)
    • Made with cow’s milk
    • Contains probiotics and prebiotics


    • Contains fish oil
    • Contains palm oil (This isn't necessarily a bad thing! In this case, it is added as a source of palmitic acid that mimics the fatty acids in breast milk. There are sustainable RSPO/organic palm oil options.)
    • Skimmed milk


    Holle Goat Milk Formula

    Holle Goat Milk Formula is great for babies with sensitive tummies. It is formulated with A2 goat milk protein which is composed of smaller fat molecules and less lactose for easier digestion. Its ingredients are sourced from biodynamic farms meaning they are made using chemical-free agricultural practices and are free from artificial sweeteners and GMOs.

    Here is how Holle Goat Milk Formula compares to Kendamil Formula.


    Kendamil Baby Formula Alternative - Holle Goat Milk Formula | Organic's Best



    • Free from Fish oil and palm oil
    • Made with whole milk 
    • Stage PRE has lactose as its only source of carbohydrates (the rest has starch)


    • No probiotics/prebiotics (This is because Holle strives to keep their products simple, with few added ingredients)
    • Made with goat's milk


    Löwenzahn Organics Formula

    Löwenzahn Formula is easily digestible and primarily consists of EU organic skimmed milk, milk proteins, lactose, and organic vegetable oils. They go beyond EU standards to include higher levels of vitamins and minerals. They use sustainable palm oil certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in their formula.

    Here is how Löwenzahn Formula compares to Kendamil Formula.

    Kendamil Formula Alternatives - Löwenzahn Organics Formula


    • Free from Fish oil
    • Enriched with prebiotics
    • Stage PRE has lactose as its only source of carbohydrates (the rest has starch and maltodextrin)


    • Contains palm oil (The palm oil they use is certified sustainable by RSPO)
    • Made with skim milk


    How To Switch Between Baby Formula Brands

    Switching a baby's formula is not uncommon, maybe their current formula isn't agreeing with them, maybe a product has been discontinued or maybe you are unable to restock the current product that you are using, due to travel, warehouse shortages, etc...

    In general, switching your baby's formula if necessary shouldn't be an issue, but it should be done mindfully and with the guidance of your child’s pediatrician, especially if you think that they may have an allergy or food intolerance. 

    There are two ways to switch formulas:

    1. Quitting the old formula cold turkey - The immediate switch method may be used when your little one is experiencing an allergy, intolerance, or medical condition

    2. Switching formulas slowly - This slower and more transitional method help give your baby’s tummy time to adjust to the change

    You shouldn't face any persistent problems if the formula you are switching to is the same type or has the same basic ingredients as your current formula (ie. switching from a powdered goat's milk formula to a ready-to-feed goat's milk formula).

    When switching any formula, it is not uncommon for babies to experience temporary changes in their bowel habits and gas. Typically, these side effects will subside after a week, but for some, it can take as much as 6 weeks to fully transition to a new formula. If you are switching to a new formula, it is important to monitor your baby for any signs that they are experiencing an allergic reaction.

    The signs of an allergic reaction include… 

    • Wheezing
    • Hives
    • Vomiting
    • Loose or bloody stools
    • Skin rashes or eczema
    • Swelling
    • Anaphylactic shock 

    If your baby is experiencing any of these symptoms you should contact your pediatrician as soon as possible.



    Kendamil formula is a fantastic option for your baby, but if you are unable to get your hands on it, there are a number of formulas that are on par with the quality, sustainability, and nutritionally advanced formulation that Kendamil offers.

    It is completely normal that finding a formula that suits your baby's needs best may take some trial and error. You should limit the amount that you switch your baby's formula, as it can be stressful for your baby’s body, but if it is necessary, there are ways to help your baby feel comfortable and happy throughout the transition process.



    Please be aware that this information is based on general trends in babies, and it is not medical advice. Your doctor should be your first source of information and advice when considering any changes to your child’s formula and when choosing your child’s formula. Always consult your pediatrician before making any decisions about your child’s diet or if you notice any changes in your child.

    Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby because breast milk provides your child with all the essential nutrients they need for growth and development. Please consult your pediatrician if your child requires supplemental feeding.

    Agustina Fernandez
    Agustina Fernandez

    Dr. Agustina Fernandez earned her medical degree from the prestigious Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina. With a deep-rooted passion for pediatrics, Dr. Fernandez is currently on the path to specializing in children's healthcare. Recently, she has delved into the vital field of infant nutrition. Her research interests include breastfeeding, infant formula, and baby food in little ones’ formative years. Dr. Fernandez's commitment to this area of study underscores her dedication to ensuring the health and well-being of children from their earliest days.

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