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    HiPP Baby Food - Nutrition Meets Taste

    With decades of experience and a commitment to providing the best organic baby food to support a balanced diet, HiPP has become a household brand name trusted by parents around the world.

    In addition to a very extensive range of baby formula that caters to every baby's unique needs, parents can find a wide range of baby food products from HiPP. This includes nutritious pouches, wholesome cereals, and delicious snacks that babies, toddlers, and the whole family can enjoy!


    Organic Quality

    All of HiPP's baby food is certified European organic and holds the HiPP organic seal, meaning you can trust that their products are thoughtfully crafted with clean ingredients that cater to the diverse nutritional needs of babies during their various developmental stages!

    HiPP keeps their organic baby foods simple and wholesome; that's why they're free from GMOs, added sugars and artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives!


    Nourishment in a Pouch: HiPP Baby Food Pouches

    HiPP organic baby food pouches are specifically designed to offer your family a convenient and mess-free way to feed your little one on the go. These squeezable pouches are best served in a bowl with a spoon and make a great topping for cereals!


    HiPP pouches are filled with carefully selected organic ingredients. Using a blend of fruits, veggies, and cereals, HiPP creates delectable options for your child to support a balanced diet. You can choose from flavours such as apple-pear-pumpkin or peach-banana-coconut milk, among many other tasty blends!

    Plus, HiPP pouches cater to a range of diets offering both vegan and vegetarian options to suit your family's preferences.

    Age Range

    HiPP has pouches for babies that begin from the 4th, 5th, 6th and 12th month to make feeding easy at every stage of development!

    While the pouches for younger babies stick to simple ingredients like fruits or veggies, their pouches for toddlers ages 12 months and up are also enriched with vital micronutrients like zinc, providing essential minerals for healthy development.


    Kickstart Their Day: HiPP Baby Cereals

    Give your baby or toddler the perfect start to their day with HiPP's baby cereals. These cereals are rich in essential nutrients and made from carefully selected organic grains, providing a gentle introduction to solid foods.


    HiPP makes delicious single and multigrain cereals. You can choose from creamy milk porridges, satisfying good night porridges which are perfect for evening feedings, and more complex junior muesli for toddlers with exciting cereal shapes and added fruits.

    You'll be happy to know that all HiPP cereals contain vitamin B1 or thiamine, which is vital for babies' energy production, supports brain development, aids digestion, and bolsters the immune system. Plus, their good night porridges are iron-fortified and enriched with plenty of essential vitamins!

    Age Range

    HiPP makes cereals starting from the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 12th months to make feeding easy at every stage of development!


    Snacking Done Right: HiPP Baby Snacks

    HiPP baby snacks are the ideal solution for healthy snacking between meals. These snacks are made with organic ingredients and in fun shapes and packaging colours that are sure to appeal to your children.


    HiPP makes melt-in-your-mouth millet sticks and convenient fruit muesli bars for on-the-go feeding.

    Age Range

    Their millet puffs are for babies 8 months and up, and their muesli bars are suitable from the 12th month.


    Trust in HiPP for Your Baby's Nutrition

    HiPP formula and organic baby food products are carefully crafted with the best ingredients, ensuring purity, quality, and a commitment to sustainability. From the very first bite to exploring new flavours, HiPP supports babies' and toddlers' journey to a healthy and happy life!

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