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  • From farm to table, Nannycare meticulously monitors each step of the process. This involves, but is not limited to, the selection of goats, their natural forage diet, and the way that the milk is transported to preserve nutritional qualities.

    This lovingly crafted formula comes in three stages that are tailored to each stage of development.

    The Nanny Care Ethos

    At the core of Nannycare is a focus on the preservation of natural nutrients. This means undergoing a gentle and minimal process that protects the natural integrity of their goat milk.

    Not all goat milk is of equal quality, which is why Nannycare specialist farms are designed exclusively to produce milk for their formula and follow-on milk, and all processing is done at their specialized goat milk formula plant.

    Their attention to detail and emphasis on simplicity results in baby milk that is closer to the natural source and abundantly nutritious.

    Benefits of Goat Milk for Babies and Toddlers

    Benefits of Nannycare Goat Milk Formula | Organic's Best

    There are many reasons to love Nannycare goat milk formulas, from its mild and creamy taste to the company's holistic approach to agriculture. On top of that, their unique method of processing results in an easy-to-digest formula that is gentle on your baby's tummy.

    Softer curds in goat milk compared to cow's milk

    When compared to cow's milk, goat milk formula has softer, smaller, and looser curds that help the milk breakdown during digestion. This doesn't work as well with cow's milk because higher levels of Alpha S1 Casein create large, firm curds that can be difficult to break down by the body.

    By using a specialized farm to source their goat milk, Nannycare is able to create a formula that has a consistent quality and composition.

    High levels of naturally diverse oligosaccharides

    Nannycares goat milk formula contains naturally diverse oligosaccharides, which is an important type of carbohydrate found naturally in plant foods. Compared to cow's milk, Nannycare goat's milk has 10 times more of this natural prebiotic.

    Prebiotics offer a range of benefits and support various bodily functions, including boosting the immune system and improving gut health.

    The Taste of Nanny Care Formula

    NannyCare Formula Key Features | Organic's Best

    Part of Nannycare's formula quality control testing involves monitoring smell and taste to ensure that each batch of formula has the same delicate aroma and smooth, creamy flavour. These effective sensory elements are a result of gentle processing and stringent testing.

    Quality of Nannycare Goat Milk

    Nannycare has a unique protein profile, which does not include the addition of whey powder like many other infant formulas. This allows Nannycare formula to go through gentler processing that does not involve multiple heat cycles used in standard whey-based formulas. The difference in Nannycare's protein profile also means that their formula contains at least 3 times less lactoglobulin, which is a protein that doesn't naturally exist in human milk and is a known allergen.

    Nannycare goat milk is sourced from specialized farms whose only purpose is producing goat milk to be used in baby formula. These 71 farms are located in some of New Zealand’s richest pastures, where goats are carefully selected and nurtured to be a part of this process. By being intimately involved in the designing and curated of their product, Nannycare is able to focus on maintaining the nutritional integrity of their formula in a way that very few other brands can.

    Nannycare's Experience and Expertise

    With a 30-year history of infant milk formula, it is no surprise that Nannycares science and clinical trials lead the way in goat milk formula research. Their emphasis on safety, sustainability, and quality are just some of the reasons that parents feel comfortable nurturing their littles with Nannycare's innovative formula.


    If cow's milk formula is a no-go for your child and you've been considering the switch to goat's milk, Nannycare is an excellent formula to turn to. With Nannycare's expertise and commitment to quality, you can feel good about feeding your little one with a product that is rooted in nature and backed by science.

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