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Insured Express Delivery

We exclusively ship all orders with insured express delivery to ensure all orders arrive in only 2-5 business days.

Organic's Best

Authentic Products

We source our products directly from the manufacturers in Europe to ensure all our products are always authentic.

Organic's Best

Long Expiration Dates

Our direct supply chain guarantees an expiration date of 6 months into the future or more.

Organic's Best

Right Formula Guarantee

If you experience an issue with this formula, we'll send you a gift card to try out another box of formula for free. 

Disclaimer: Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby, because breast milk provides your child with all the essential nutrients they need for growth and development. Please consult your pediatrician if your child requires supplemental feeding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We buy all products directly from the manufacturers or their official wholesale distributors.

All our products are always 100% authentic and originally meant for the European market.

All our baby products have a guaranteed expiry date of 6 months into the future or more.

Due to the nature of the products, you will usually find a longer expiry date with our non-baby-formula products.

Yes, we do!

We exclusively use express shipping with all carriers to ensure your orders arrive within 1-5 business days.

Please note, that we do not ship to Russia, Ukraine and Mexico.

Around 99.9% of all orders arrive within 1-5 business days.

If you experience issues with the arrrival of your order, we will find a solution or offer you a free resend or full refund.

No questions asked!

We want you to find the best baby formula for your little one. That is why we have our Right Formula Guarantee!

Let us help and send you one box or can of any baby formula free. We will pay for it.

Please contact our customer service to help you within 24 hours (Mo-Fr):

Please note, we do not offer returns due to safety reasons. Returns with food products in general are not legal.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no!

Some of the brands we sell include English instructions on the packaging - but not all.

Don't worry! It is fine.

All translated preparation instructions can be found on our products pages and in our support center here

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