• Baby Food
  • Toys (Time-Limited Offer)

    For a short time, we will be offering a Clicky Tiles magnetic building set for little ones 6 months and up (as it contains no small pieces). Your child will be able to unleash their imagination and build their own 2D or 3D world of vibrant colors and exciting shapes all while gaining important educational and developmental skills. Gift-giving has never been easier or more fun thanks to Clicky Tiles. 

    Digital Gift Cards

    Our digital gift cards are the perfect present for family and friends with young children or they can be a great helping hand to charitable organizations for those less fortunate. Share the love of high-quality organic nourishment this season and treat others to some organic European baby food or formula from our shop.

    Holle Ultimate Weaning Bundle

    Know a little one who’s ready to start eating solids? This bundle is for them! Give the gift of top-quality organic European baby foods from Holle in a variety of flavors, textures, and colors for a diverse weaning diet. This bundle includes 8 boxes of whole grain cereal in total (4 flavours), 48 purée pouches in total (8 flavours) and 22 baby snacks in total (7 types)! Make a parent’s life a little easier and a baby’s diet nutritious by giving them the Holle Ultimate Weaning Bundle today.  

    Why We Love The Holle Ultimate Weaning Bundle

    • EU Organic and Demeter Organic
    • Huge variety of flavors
    • Interesting textures
    • Great on-the-go snacks
    • Preparation versatility 
    • No added sugar or salt
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