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  • What sets the brand apart from other competitors is that in many of its formulas, it uses natural lactic acid culture (probiotics) originally extracted from real breast milk. This brings your baby a formula that comes one step closer to nature's example.

    Not only do the probiotics help to reflect the natural components of breast milk, but these natural lactic acid cultures also support healthy gut flora which is important for both a healthy digestive system and immune system!

    The HiPP baby formula comes in a variety of country versions (German, Dutch, and UK) and specialty formulas (Comfort, Anti-Reflux, and Hypoallergenic/HA) that are staged by age in order to best meet your little one's nutritional needs as they grow up.

    HiPP offers infant formula for newborns, follow-on formulas for babies that are 6 months or older, and toddler milk for kiddos 12 months and up!

    Why We Love HiPP Formula?

    If being Germany's number one brand is not enough of a testament to the HiPP formula's outstanding quality of nutrition, we have compiled a list of features and benefits that is sure to convince you of this brand's excellence. 

    What's more, we love that the organic milk used in the making of HiPP baby formula comes from cows that are grass, hay, or grain-fed which ensures happy cows are producing nutrient-rich infant milk. This shows just how HiPP is truly committed to producing high-quality products while also maintaining harmony with nature.

    The benefits of HiPP organic baby formula:

    • Developed to be as close to breastmilk as possible, HiPP formula uniquely uses probiotics extracted from real breast milk.
    • All HiPP formulas are certified as EU organic, which means that they are free from GMOs, refined sugars, artificial preservatives, pesticides, and hormones.
    • Certain HiPP formulas contain Metafolin® instead of folic acid, which is closer to the folate source found in human breast milk and thus tends to be more easily absorbed by babies.
    • HiPP does offer formulas that are crafted without maltodextrin to cater to more parental preferences.
    • Baby formulas are tailored to suit different country-specific standards, taking ton consideration compliance with local regulations and catering to the preferences of local consumers.
    • HiPP features both starch-free and starch-based baby formulas to accommodate the different preferences and dietary needs of little ones.
    • Certain HiPP formulas are soy-free, based instead on organic sunflower lecithin for thickening.
    • HiPP offers FSC®-certified paper boxes for the packaging of German and UK formulas, as well as tin cans for the packaging of Dutch formulas as a part of its commitment to sustainable production, using recyclable materials and reducing carbon emissions through its packaging choices.

    HiPP Brand History

    HiPP's baby food history dates back to 1898 when Joseph Hipp, a confectioner from Güntsburg, Germany, had to come up with an alternative to breastfeeding as his wife was unable to exclusively breastfeed. That is when the first HiPP infant formula came into play! Since then, the company has remained family-run and has kept infant health at the core of its values; one of their mottos is "The best of nature. The best for nature." As a pioneer in the field of organic agriculture, HiPP has come to be the largest processor of organic raw materials in the world! Today, HiPP has more than 6,000 organic farms which are used in its organic formula and organic baby food production.

    HiPP Formula: European Organic & HiPP Organic Seal

    HiPP produces formulas that are certified as organic by the European Union. Products that are marked with this seal are grown on farms that follow strict organic standards, including:

    • Only using untreated seeds
    • Using preventive measures to protect plants
    • Keeping livestock according to breed and species
    • Prohibiting the use of mineral nitrogen fertilizers
    • Hormones are prohibited, and antibiotics are only permitted when necessary for animal health

    What makes EU organic formula some of the absolute best formula available is that it's free of GMOs, artificial colors and preservatives, and aromas or flavor enhancers. Rest assured that products with the EU organic logo are made with at least 95% organic ingredients, and strict conditions are laid out for the remaining 5% of non-organic ingredients. In terms of organic baby food, the non-organic ingredients are typically fortified vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that are necessary to include in order to support your child's health.

    Beyond that, HiPP has also introduced its very own HiPP organic seal to the products, which exceed some of the conventional EU organic standards. Products labelled with this seal have organic ingredients that have been thoroughly checked for pollutants, as HiPP does not allow for pesticide residues in its products, which the brand ensures by using highly efficient and technical quality checks.

    In fact, both HiPP and Holle formula comply with the most stringent organic standards in Europe.


    HiPP Formula Stages

    HiPP stages their baby formula according to the age of the baby. This is done to reflect the nutritional complexity of breast milk, which is a dynamic fluid that changes to meet babies' needs at different ages. Quantities of certain vitamins and minerals become more or less important during certain periods of development. Furthermore, your little one's energy demands change with age. 

    HiPP makes infant, follow-on, and toddler formula to support your child every step of the way throughout their first years of life:

    HiPP Infant Formula

    Infant formula comes in two stages. Both are suitable from birth and have a similar composition.

    • Stage PRE is intended to be used by infants as either their sole source of nutrition or as supplementary feeding for a breastfed baby. The only carbohydrate in this formula stage is lactose (milk sugar), which is also the main carbohydrate source in breast milk! This formula stage is designed to be given to your baby as often and as much as they want during their first few months of life.
    • (These mixtures contain less starch, which makes them more delicate for babies)
    • Stage 1 is intended to be used by infants as either their sole source of nutrition or as supplementary feeding for a breastfed baby. Unlike stage PRE, this formula stage includes organic mild starch as a complementary carbohydrate. Starch is added in addition to lactose to help make the formula more creamy and filling, which may make it better suited to hungrier babies.

    HiPP Follow-On Formula

    Follow-on formulas are intended for use as part of a mixed diet after the sixth month for babies who are already receiving complimentary food. These formulas tend to have higher iron levels, often added in the form of iron sulfate, which becomes especially important for little ones beginning around 6 months.

    Depending on which country version of HiPP formula you choose, the follow-on formula stages will be different. For HiPP German formula stage 2 and formula stage 3 are both follow-on formulas. For HiPP UK and Dutch, only formula stage 2 is a follow-on milk.

    HiPP Toddler Formula

    Toddler formula is designed for children between the ages of 12 to 36 months. They are different from infant formula in that they are intended to complement the transition to a family diet. As such, they are not suitable for babies under 12 months of age.

    HiPP's toddler formula is based on the beneficial properties of cow's milk, which, for example, is naturally high in calcium, but it's also fortified with important nutrients that support healthy development and growth in small children. In this formula, you'll find nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, and folic acid, which combine to support bone development and a healthy immune system.

    Depending on which country version of HiPP formula you choose, the toddler formula stages will be different. HiPP German formula stage 1+ and formula stage 2+ are both toddler milk. For HiPP Dutch and UK, formula stage 3 is toddler milk.

    HiPP Formula Ingredients

    Each range of formula from all three countries offers excellent nutrition for your baby with a HiPP quality guarantee. Although the ingredients may slightly differ from one product in the range of baby formula to the next, the goodness in each box or tin usually comes down to a select few ingredients. All of HiPP's organic formulas use a base of organic cow or goat's milk. The milk base is then fortified using vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, which help to support proper infant and toddler nutrition.

    Common ingredients in HiPP formula:

    • A blend of vegetable oils such as organic sunflower oil, organic palm oil (sustainably sourced), and/or organic rapeseed oil
    • Carbohydrate sources, including organic lactose, organic starch, or organic maltodextrin
    • Omega 3 Fatty acids such as DHA and ARA at an optimal 1:1 Ratio
    • Fish oil
    • Vitamin K
    • Folic acid
    • Vitamin C
    • Calcium from calcium chloride or calcium carbonate
    • Zinc sulfate
    • Natural lactic acid bacteria (probiotics).

    If you're curious about the specific ingredients of a particular formula you can find this information on the HiPP formula product page on our website! 

    HiPP is unique compared to other formula manufacturers, such as Holle formula, in that it offers a variety of specialty formulas designed for babies with a range of issues, including lactose-related 3-month colic, constipation, increased belching, or spit up, and children at risk of developing allergies.

    Different Kinds of HiPP Baby Formulas

    HiPP's formula line comes in different versions for different countries: HiPP German, HiPP Dutch, and HiPP UK. To ensure that parents have access to organic milk that suits their baby's needs, HiPP adapts their formula according to country-specific preferences and legal regulations. But no matter which version you choose, you can feel confident in knowing that all HiPP formulas are certified organic by the European Union. We will cover the unique features of the different country versions further on.

    HiPP Formula UK Version

    This HiPP formula version is made in Germany and packaged in the UK. The base of the formula is organic skimmed milk from cows. It contains prebiotic fiber derived from organic lactose; these fibers are called galactooligosaccharides (GOS), and they help contribute to the growth of healthy intestinal flora. HiPP UK is also starch-free and the only country version (other than HiPP German Goat) that does not contain probiotics. 

    HiPP UK Formula stages include:

    HiPP Formula Dutch Version

    HiPP Dutch is made in Germany and packaged in the Netherlands. The base of the formula is organic skimmed milk from cows. Plus, this formula is starch-free! This formula also contains prebiotic galactooligosaccharides (GOS fiber derived from organic lactose, which helps with the development of your baby's digestive system. It's also enriched with lactobacillus fermentum hereditum®, which are natural probiotic lactic acid cultures originally extracted from real breast milk!

    HiPP Dutch Formula stages include:

    HiPP Cow's Milk Formula German Version

    HiPP German is made and packaged in Germany. The base of the formula is organic skimmed milk from cows. Most later stages contain starch as an additional carbohydrate source. However, they have two starch-free options, including HiPP Stage PRE and HiPP Stage 2 No Starch. Similar to other HiPP formulas, this range also includes galactooligosaccharides (GOS) - a probiotic fiber derived from organic lactose to strengthen your baby's gut microbiota. The formula is also fortified with lactobacillus fermentum hereditum®, which are lactic acid cultures extracted from real breast milk!

    HiPP German Formula stages include:

    HiPP German Specialty Formulas Include:

    HiPP Comfort

    HiPP Comfort is ideal for babies with an extra-sensitive digestive system; it's designed for the dietary management of lactose-related 3-month colic, flatulence, and constipation from birth. The base of the formula is hydrolyzed cow milk proteins with a reduced lactose content which is then enriched with a combination of probiotics and prebiotics to help aid digestion. It also has a regulating and loosening effect on babies' stools. Specialty formulas are only to be used after consultation with a doctor.

    HiPP Anti-Reflux

    HiPP Anti-Reflux formula is designed to aid with reflux and regurgitation from birth. Thanks to the addition of a natural thickening agent derived from carob fruit, this formula has a dense consistency that may help your baby retain food in their stomach thereby reducing regurgitation and vomiting. Gum of carob fruit is not only a natural thickener but also a valuable natural dietary fiber, so your baby's stools may become softer when using the formula. It's also enriched with a combination of probiotics and prebiotics to help aid digestion. Specialty formulas are only to be used after consultation with a doctor.

    HiPP HA Formula

    HiPP HA (hypoallergenic) is specially formulated to help reduce the risk of allergies to milk protein. Its base is extensively hydrolyzed cow milk proteins that are low in allergens and less likely to be perceived by your little one's body as foreign. It's also enriched with a combination of probiotics and prebiotics to help aid digestion. Specialty formulas are only to be used after consultation with a doctor. 

    HiPP HA Formula stages include:

    HiPP Goat's Milk Formula German Version

    HiPP's goat milk formula can be a great alternative to traditional cow's milk-based baby formula. Its base is organic skimmed goat milk, which naturally consists of A2 milk proteins, which are a special kind of protein that is better suited to sensitive tummies as it tends to be digested more quickly, easily, and completely by babies. To add to the nurturing effect on babies' digestive systems, this formula also has a prebiotic fiber called galactooligosaccharides (GOS), which is derived from organic lactose!

    HiPP Goat Formula stages include:

    Before choosing any formula, but with a specialty formula in particular, it's important to speak with your pediatrician to understand the root cause of your baby's symptoms and which formula would best fit your child's unique needs. HiPP specialty formulas include HiPP HA (hypoallergenic), HiPP Comfort, and HiPP Anti-Reflux, which you can learn more about below! It's worth noting that for days when you're on the go and short on time, they also offer ready-to-feed bottles of prepared formula instead of the classic formula powder!

    Why HiPP Organic Formula is Right for Your Family?

    While HiPP formulas all have unique differences, all of them are premium organic formulas that you can trust. HiPP is committed to providing you and your baby with impeccable organic products that contain no harmful chemicals, pesticides, or antibiotics. If you're interested in HiPP's formulas, be sure to consult your pediatrician first to find the right fit for your baby!

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